Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

A LaserFast Managed Print Service (MPS) solution tailored for Kennards Hire, will reduce I.T. support and printer replacement costs by an estimated $600,000 over the life of the agreement, according to Kennard’s I.T. team.

“Almost 20% of our time was being wasted on managing the printers in our branches” says Senior Systems Engineer at Kennards Hire, Stuart Crawford.

“Our users were unhappy, and there was a lot of frustration around the costs, wastage and general pain that printer issues caused. Also we had downtime when the printer finally died and had to be replaced” says I.T. Manager for Kennards Hire, Richard Fox-Smith.

Faced with extremely high I.T. printer support costs, poor reliability and a life span of less than 12 months on the existing printers in their 110 branches across Australia, Kennards Hire asked printer specialists LaserFast for a solution.

LaserFast analysed Kennards' unique requirements and subsequently implemented a Managed Print Service (MPS) solution which manages Kennards’ print devices and network and has vastly improved the end user experience.

The LaserFast solution included installing printers more suited to the large volume of printing required in branch, ongoing maintenance and the supply of consumables, delivering significant cost savings to Kennards.

“I estimate we will save $600,000 by moving to this LaserFast MPS solution” says Crawford.

The LaserFast MPS solution was implemented in all Kennards’ branches across Australia in only three weeks, and has removed the time wastage and headaches experienced by the Kennards’ I.T. team when they managed the printer network themselves.

Kennards is delighted with the solution implemented by LaserFast. “Our new printer rollout was one of the smoothest projects we have implemented. All the project goals were achieved and more importantly, our branches are now properly supported and printer problems are a thing of the past” says Fox-Smith.

A case study about the Kennards Hire MPS project can be downloaded from http://www.laserfast.com.au/KennardsHire-MPSCaseStudy.pdf

More details about Managed Print Services can be found at www.laserfast.com.au


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