Friday, February 13th, 2009
A dawn of a new era for Men has just begun. Networking4Men ( is about to change men’s perspective not only towards business but also towards their personal growth and development. The business originally was established to cater for the lack of networking facilities for men in business. However, it became evident that self development to help men live balanced lifestyles play a big part in successful business, thus they have incorporated self enhancement programs and products to cater for this need.

Businesses around the world are currently suffering from the economic downturn. What a better way for these organizations to ensure their market share than to network with other business owners as well as direct to the public. We know advertising can be a big expense and when times are tough then this important aspect of a business maybe be put on the back burner, usually to the detriment of that business.

Through this facility you can put your business name and presence out there. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that you can reach not only local prospects but nationally and internationally without the huge expense conventional methods would incur.

With the current market as it is, it is imperative to really get on with the task of networking and broadening not only prospective clients but also contacts. A valuable asset to any organization is a reputable and broad contacts list.

Networking4Men gives members the opportunity to interact with each other, exchange ideas and promote. The model has been created so that members can have maximum exposure for minimal cost.

While the core focus is promoting and networking for business growth, Networking4Men is also about developing the men who are part of these organizations as a whole. Networking4Men offer a wide range of products and services, from managing and running a business to self-development, wellness coaching for a healthier being, to relationship enhancement programs and much more. The aim is to provide men ways to be in harmony with all aspects of their lives. The founders belief’s are “It is only when a man’s life is balanced and harmonious that performance out put can be at its maximum. Men who perform at their maximum capacity achieve greater results”. This is what the business endeavours to help each of their members achieve.

Networking4Men caters not only for established businesses but also for those getting into business to provide financial security especially during this economic downturn. Where else can you get massive market exposure for less than $100?

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release please contact Ryan Martinez, Office: (02) 8001 6263; Mobile: 0439 638 277 or Email: [email protected]

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Networking4Men was established to cater for men in business and provide the tools towards their development and success. They are provided with exclusive opportunity to gain access to business information, online services, advertising, promotional tools and networking at live events. While our main focus is on growth and networking we also offer a range of products, services & information catering to overall professional & personal development and assisting members to live a balance lifestyle (ie. wellness coaching, relationship building, mens grooming etc).
Ryan Martinez
P: (02) 8001 6263
M: 0439 638 277


A dawn of a new era for men has just begun. Networking4Men is about to change men’s perspective not only towards business but also towards their personal growth and development.



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