Friday, February 13th, 2009

Local Sydney Fat Loss Expert Daniel Munday of DPM Performance has organised for a special once off group training Fatblast workout next Wednesday in aid of the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Munday, who has been horrified by the extent of the fires and the devastation that they have caused amongst the Victorian community, has commented “I cannot believe the amount of lives that have been lost and properties that have been destroyed. It is difficult for anybody to comprehend. I know that I am very fortunate to be in the position that I am in now, with my family and my health intact, so I want to be able to do something for those who are less fortunate”.

As a result of wondering what he can do to contribute in the best possible way, Munday has come up with the special lunch time 45 minute Fatblast workout, to be held at Observatory Hill in Sydney this coming Wednesday, February 18 at 1:15pm. “For anyone that is looking for a way to contribute to the Red Cross appeal, while doing something positive for themselves and their health, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. For a very small $20 investment, you get to contribute to a great community cause as well as get a sweat on at the same time”.

Munday will be donating his time to conduct the session, and has come out and led the charge by donating $100 on behalf of DPM Performance to the tally. “I have challenged my clients and other business associates to match my pledge and already have had some great response with the likes of James Keillor of Right Track Financial
Solutions and David Coote of Top Stuff for Business coming to the party. All money raised will be going to the Red Cross. I will not be making any money out of this” Munday stressed.

The goal of this fundraising workout is to raise $1000 to contribute to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. “This session is open to anyone providing that you contribute the $20 entry fee. Already I have pledges of over $400 so we are on track for this high goal. Of course people are permitted to donate more to the fund”.

RSVP is essential for participation and you can email Daniel personally at [email protected] to register your position and pledge your amount.

For those wondering what will be in store for the workout, Munday has hinted to expect the unexpected. “You’ll be working hard but we’ll be having a bit of fun too” was all he was willing to giveaway.

Munday closed by encouraging the Sydney office workers to bring a friend and support the charity drive. “I love that even in tough economic times that Australians of from all backgrounds are digging deep to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. It is the Aussie way and I want to continue the tradition”.

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A fundraising group training workout will be held in Sydney to support the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal for Victorian Bushfire victims.



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