Thursday, March 17th, 2011
-- Sydney business owner Steve Sebbes unravels unique concept that has businesses eager to contribute to charities even in tough economic times. --

With rising costs and uncertain economic conditions individuals and families are finding it difficult to dig into their pockets for donations to their favourite sporting clubs, charities and associations. Fundraising dollars are being stretched to the limit. More clubs, associations and charities are turning to the business community to seek funding support for their programs.

Aware of this predicament Steve Sebbes Director of Telstra Business Centre Hills, decided to step in with a unique concept that is win-win for both the donor and the recipient.

The result is a revolutionary new program, T-Community, conceived by Steve. is Steve’s new “baby” and one he is passionate about. From simple beginnings, T-Community has evolved into a website where T-Community members select Telstra products and services such as mobile phones, Foxtel and BigPond and receive bonus gifts. The system automatically contributes an equivalent value to a nominated charity, association or club. So everybody wins.

T-Community started out as a way to engage cross selling opportunities for telecommunications products and gain additional exposure with a healthy dose of corporate consciousness as an added benefit. T-Community has proved to be hugely successful and has been positively received by the business community. Steve and his team are finding that a diverse range of companies and associations are clamoring to get on board.

In short, Steve Sebbes has a tiger by the tail and he’s hanging on tight!

The nationally based program’s website allows organizations, clubs or charities with a client base to register, appoint the club, association or charity they wish to support and make the site’s offerings available to their members via a password protected entry point. Their members are then able to take advantage of special offers and select a bonus gift with their purchase. As soon as their purchase is made a donation is allocated to the nominated club, association or charity. It’s that easy and streamlined.

The site has proven enormously interesting to clubs, associations and charities as well and they too are able to register and make the site available to their supporters who then are able to make a purchase AND support their organisation. It’s a “win win” proposition all the way.

Martin Bullock, Chief Executive Officer of Western Sydney Academy of Sport, and Jim Taggart, Director of Taggart Group, are the inaugural members of the program, which was launched at a gala “Night With The Stars” event on Friday 4th March. Both feel it is the beginning of a huge initiative that will contribute to the fundraising requirements of many organisations across Australia, not to mention gain terrific exposure for the contributing companies.

Others who have been introduced to the program are equally enthusiastic. Richard Holland of Online On-Demand Printing says “this is a brilliant program and I have already suggested it to two sporting clubs and one soon to be national association EMSPA (Ambulance Workers Association).For me it’s just win, win, win.”

T-Community is growing at an amazing rate as organisations of all sizes realise that the ability to present their services to a willing collective of literally millions of supporters is too good to miss. And Steve and his team are ready, willing and able to handle it all.

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Whether you operate a small or medium club or association, entrepreneurial enterprise or corporation, this offer with T-community offers everyone the opportunity to become part of a vibrant networking community, promoting their organisation.

T-Community clients come from a wide variety of business disciplines and service industries, including: construction, transport, insurance, consulting, property development, marketing, retail, real estate, information technology, interior design, financial services, hospitality, new media and many more. Our clients are passionate about their local community and are committed to growing their business through building strong networks with the support of T -Community.
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