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The 4th annual Clinical Trials Honour Roll opens for nominations, celebrating all that help advance medicine through their contribution to clinical trials

From 15th March to 17th May, 2011, everyone from trial volunteers, to researchers, industry professionals, ethics committees, funders and related organisations have the opportunity to nominate themselves and others for free for their contributions to clinical trials on the Clinical Trials Honour Roll.

This is a unique event, being the only international platform which recognises the entire spectrum of people and organisations, both volunteer and professional, who have contributed to advancing medical treatment through their involvement in clinical trials over the past year.

By celebrating the diverse efforts of many toward developing better treatments and cures for all, the Clinical Trials Honour Roll aims to demonstrate the value of clinical trials, raise awareness of clinical trials, and let those involved know their contributions are appreciated.

“Without clinical trials, we wouldn't know if the medical treatments we use were effective or safe. That's why I believe it is important that we recognise not just the researchers, but all the people and organisations involved who help ensure that the science and ethics of trials are sound, that the welfare and safety of the volunteers that participate is protected, and that quality data is collected,” said Dr Janelle Bowden, founder of the Clinical Trials Honour Roll. "Hopefully that will encourage everyone to continue their clinical trial efforts, and perhaps encourage others to get involved in the future."

All appropriate nominees will receive a Certificate of Participation and have their contributions noted on the Clinical Trials Honour Roll when it is published via the website on International Clinical Trials Day, 20th May 2011. For those in Australia, the most nominated Australian individual will receive special recognition with an award sponsored by ARCS Australia.

“Clinical Trials require an extraordinary degree of skill, expertise, care and diligence. By supporting the Honour Roll, Nucleus Network acknowledges and appreciates the work and skill of its staff, the trial volunteers, and of all those associated with the clinical trial process,” said Lisa Nelson, General Manager of Nucleus Network.

For more information on participating in this event, visit the website: http://www.ClinicalTrialsHonourRoll.com. Please show your support for clinical trials by encouraging your family and friends to participate, nominating those that have made a contribution, and sharing your clinical trial achievements with us on Twitter (@CTHRoll, #CTHRoll)

Media Contact: Dr Janelle Bowden, Founder of the Clinical Trials Honour Roll through AccessCR Pty Ltd.
(Available for comment before 7.30-9am, or 5-8pm weekdays, Australian Eastern Standard Time)
P: +61 (0)406 952 659  E: [email protected]  W: http://www.ClinicalTrialsHonourRoll.com

Background Information

About International Clinical Trials' Day
International Clinical Trials' Day was launched by the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (http://www.ecrin.org/) in 2004 to promote clinical trials. It is celebrated on the 20th of May each year recognising the day that James Lind (www.jameslindlibrary.org) started a controlled trial to test different treatments for scurvy in sailors (20th of May 1747).

On the Value of Clinical Trials
Clinical trials provide doctors the evidence on which to base their decisions about the safety and effectiveness of different treatments. But, developing new medical treatments is a risky, costly affair. Governments, non-profit and for-profit organisations are continually scrutinising the value of the research being conducted, what research should be funded, and where that research should be conducted.

Tens of thousands of professionals and organisations worldwide contribute to the infrastructure, funding and running of clinical trials, representing a significant workforce from a variety of science, medical, statistics and related backgrounds, and increasingly marketing, telecommunications and IT industries. Hundreds of thousands of people volunteer to participate in over clinical trials annually, personally reaping the benefits of access to breakthrough treatments early and typically better outcomes as a direct result of the increased medical care and attention they receive, at no cost.

Clinical trials also benefit the entire public healthcare system as the costs of treatment for trial volunteers with conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease are covered by the clinical trial sponsors. Additionally, the patients of organisations that run clinical trials generally have better outcomes as a result of the culture of improvement that involvement in research develops.

Financial Sponsors

*Nucleus Network is an Australian headquartered clinical research organisation focussing on the conduct of Phase I/ early phase clinical trials. The organisation employs over 100 people that are passionate about what they do and live by quality and excellence. Nucleus Network has two purpose built State-of-the-art in-patient facilities and provides clinical trial consulting services to create a full clinical development plan and regulatory filings for clinical trial approval and marketing authorization for Australian and international agencies such as the TGA, FDA and EMEA. http://www.nucleusnetwork.com.au

* ARCS Australia Ltd is the professional development association representing individuals involved in the development of therapeutic products. We are the leading Australian provider of education and information, and a forum for the exchange of ideas. ARCS education and training is available to industry and non-industry personnel, members and non-members. http://www.ARCS.com.au

* AccessCR is an Australian company founded by Dr Janelle Bowden providing clinical research expertise and advocacy. It provides financial and project management support for the Clinical Trials Honour Roll as part of its mission to increase awareness and understanding of clinical trials, and partnership between all those involved in the clinical trial process. http://www.AccessCR.com.au. AccessCR is grateful to our financial and non-financial sponsors for their contributions toward making the 2011 Honour Roll possible.

In Kind Supporters

Molecule Contract Research Organisation
The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)

Acknowledgement: Certificate Image © Marc Dietrich | Dreamstime.com

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The Clinical Trials Honour Roll

This unique event celebrates all the volunteers, professionals and organisations that contribute to advancing medicine through their involvement in clinical trials internationally.
Dr Janelle Bowden
P: 0406 952 659
W: www.ClinicalTrialsHonourRoll.com


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