Monday, March 14th, 2011

Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd today announced that their eZono-3000 German made portable ultrasound for anaesthetists, intensivists, ICU and emergency point of care has now taken another quantum leap forward with the worldwide release of software version 1.10

The eZono 3000 is predominantly software driven and as developments take place new software is distributed free of charge to all customers worldwide. With the release of the latest software version 1.10 some significant improvements have taken place to this unique portable ultrasound unit.

Prior to this release image quality was already very good but is now even better. With the introduction of new imaging algorithms and the eZono's images are now 25% wider and 40% faster and also provides connectivity to a new TTE and abdominal probe.

In addition, users can now download some highly useful new cue cards including FAST scan [Focused Abdominal Sonography in Trauma] and FEEL [Focused Echo Evaluation in Life Support].

Another significant new development is that the eZono’s unique system of CueCards. These CueCards have now gone on steroids with open CueCards.

The eZono 3000 portable ultrasound system brought CueCards to ultrasound. CueCards are interactive learning tools consisting of reference images, 3D anatomy and ultrasound videos among other interactive teaching tools. This revolutionary process accelerates the learning curve and supports the eZono 3000 users while they perform live procedures. eZono has now opened up the eZono 3000 to more content - not just theirs. This is why its called Open CueCards.

Users can register via a special dedicated website and upload and share any new cue cards of their own design and similarly download new cue cards developed by other users.

Says Ultramedix spokesman Saul Freedman, "The eZono 3000 is continuing to create a strong impact here as more doctors get to know it with its excellent German build quality, superb imaging and unique CueCard system. This ultrasound is simple to use and highly intuitive and just keeps getting better and better. There are even more exciting developments ahead later this year.”


eZono 3000 ultrasound now upgradeable to software version 1.10



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