Friday, March 11th, 2011
Whoever said “It’s a man’s world” hasn’t looked around lately.

Everywhere you look women are in the headlines. Australia has its first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard. High flyers like Westpac’s Gail Kelly and Australia’s richest woman, mining magnate Gina Rinehart, are holding the reins of powerful companies. Though the road to gender equality may still be a long one, the International Women’s Day centennial celebration this month was an opportunity to meditate on how far women have already come. The tide is turning.

Move over, men - women are not sticking to traditional professions of a few decades ago – secretaries, school teachers, and nurses, but are looking to male-dominated jobs like carpenters, engineers, truck drivers, and astronauts. Another field women are beginning to explore is property investing.

Take Ana Stankovic, managing director of, as an example of the new go-getting woman not afraid to play with the big boys. She’s one of Australia’s leading specialists in the renovation market, providing insightful and practical advice on renovating for profit and is regularly featured and contributes to popular industry publications such as Australian Property Investor magazine, Wealth Creator, Handyman, Decorating and Renovating magazine, Property Review Weekly, Herald Sun, The Age, as well as radio stations such as 4BC in Brisbane, 2UE in Sydney and Southern FM in Melbourne.

“In my early 20s, like so many young people I wanted to take the plunge and buy my own first home,” Ana says. “But I didn’t want to just buy something and let it sit there and be at the mercy of the property market and the economy as far as how much it would go up in value every year. So I started educating myself about property and investment and the different strategies that were available. Renovation really struck a chord.”

“It was an easy way that I could through being proactive manufacture my own capital growth.”

Her passion started to take tangible shape when she bought her first huge one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne while still in her early 20s, built a new wall allowing her to list it as a two-bedroom, made some cosmetic changes, and scored her first profit. That inspired her to investigate further, learning how to accurately cost out renovations, calculate profitability of potential deals, fine tune what adds the most value to different kinds of properties in different areas, and what order to renovate for maximum efficiency.

She wasn’t afraid to jump in and become skilled in the nitty-gritty tasks often performed by men either, such as tiling, plastering, painting, rendering, and waterproofing.

“More and more women are getting into property investing and especially renovation,” she says. “They tend to have such a good eye for detail and can assess information really quickly with a great ability to visualize what is possible.”

Women just need the proper tools, Ana says, which she provides by sharing her knowledge and experience through software she’s developed, her website, at information events, through articles she writes for industry publications and radio, and small coaching groups.

Her proven success is evident. She has helped more than 25 people last year alone purchase renovation deals each making $50,000 in profit in less than six months, and numerous other clients by sourcing renovation deals for them or consulting and assessing their potential purchases.

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For media information or for an interview with Renovate and Profit’s managing director, Ana Stankovic, please call 0422 728 381 or email [email protected] . educates and supports investors in learning low cost, innovative, and easy to learn property investing skills and techniques which are based on blueprints of proven principles. Through their seminars, coaching, and products, the organization is focused on sharing real and practical information with those interested in renovating for profit.

An expert in her field, Ana Stankovic regularly contributes to prominent Industry publications such a Australian Property Investor magazine and their blog, Handyman Magazine, Wealth Creator Magazine, Decorating and Renovating magazine, Property Review Weekly, The Age and Herald Sun newspapers, as well as radio stations such as 4BC in Brisbane, 2UE in Sydney, Southern FM in Melbourne, etc.

She is skilled and qualified not only in the ‘how to’ and ‘what to’ purchase with investing in property, but also in the science behind investing - how to accurately cost out a renovation, how to calculate the profit in a deal, what order to renovate in, as well as the nitty gritty of tiling, plastering, painting, rendering, waterproofing and so it goes on.

For more information about Renovate and Profit go to

Ana Stankovic
P: 03 9005 7992


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