Thursday, March 10th, 2011
Global event Earth Hour is nearing, and Solar Shop Australia is encouraging Australians to think more broadly about the environmental impact of their daily lifestyle choices. Permanently adopting intelligent energy habits will make households more energy efficient and deliver benefits not only to the environment, but also the hip pocket.

Daniel Edgecombe, General Manager of Retail for Solar Shop Australia, said initiatives, such as Earth Hour, are a great way to raise awareness about energy efficiency long term, what must happen is a shift in thinking to renewable energy.

“Domestic energy use and our dependence on cars, account for almost one fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. There are a number of ways homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint,” Mr Edgecombe said.

He suggests homeowners consider the following energy saving tips to live a more environmentally sustainable life:

“Invest in a quality solar PV system appropriate to your home. Going solar uses the sun’s energy, which is naturally available,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“You can not only eliminate your carbon emissions, but practically wipe out your energy bill by selling excess energy back to grid.

“Solar energy not only makes good environmental sense, it also makes good financial sense, adding value to your property and ensuring you are insulated from rising power costs during the coming years.”

Mr Edgecombe said around five per cent of Australia’s household energy is wasted on standby power.

“Consider using a power board with a remote off switch. For example, a television, stereo and DVD player plugged into a power board with a remote switch can be turned off at once, eliminating any unnecessary standby power usage,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“Replacing old appliances with energy and water efficient whitegoods and appliances can make a big difference to your household bills,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“Star energy ratings make this easy. When buying products, look for a three or four star rating or higher.”

Mr Edgecombe also advised homeowners to call their energy provider and request to switch to a green energy package - a simple and effective way to reduce the impact on the environment.

“This can apply to electricity and gas and is available at various levels (25 per cent, 50 per cent and 100 per cent),” Mr Edgecombe said.

“Also, replace your light bulbs with energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs; they can save up to 80 per cent of your lighting bill and last up to eight times longer.”

“Heating and cooling is a major contributor to household energy consumption,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“Increasing your air conditioner thermostat by just one degree in summer could reduce your energy use by 10 per cent and using a door snake can be a cheap and easy option to reduce heating and cooling costs.”

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