Thursday, March 10th, 2011
Here at VinylCare we offer a select range of products focused on caring for, restoring and maximising the pleasure you get from your vinyl collection and record players. Our store is community orientated and aims to inform of and connect you with events such as the Auckland ‘Record Fair’.

With our range of products we are committed to providing quality at competitive prices. Our current range of products features the Knosti disco-antistat record cleaning kit and includes products such as turn table drive / transmission belts for THORENS, Bang & Olufsen and AKAI.

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VinylCare LTD

VinylCare is here to provide products and an online presence to support all vinyl collectors ranging form beginners to enthusiasts. We look forward to working with you and the vinyl community.
Klaus Buwert
P: +64275550070


VinylCare Knosti disco-antistat Record Cleaning Kit



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