Thursday, March 10th, 2011
The Australian Democrats are questioning the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Australian politics.

The party’s human rights spokesperson and former South Australian MP, Sandra Kanck, was commenting upon a recent article published by Associate Professor Jake Lynch, of the Sydney University Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, who suggested that the power of the pro-Israel lobby may have been instrumental in the downfall of former PM Kevin Rudd.

He poses the question: So, was there an elaborate plot, involving the active connivance of pro-Israel groups, the US embassy, the mining industry and the Right faction of the ALP, and kept successfully secret, to bring Rudd down and install Gillard in his place?

"There has been a change by Australia to a more overt position of support for Israel, regardless of its actions towards Palestine, since Julia Gillard became prime Minister.

"While the Australian Democrats most certainly support free speech, Governments should pursue actions which they believe are correct without fear or favour, and it would be a concern if there had been a change in leadership, even in part, due to the influence of a particular lobby group" said Ms Kanck.

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