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Director of Creative Possibility, Shannon Bush, announced today the 8th March, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day that she is hosting a global virtual event in April this year during World Creativity and Innovation Week to celebrate the power of women’s creativity as a business and life asset. Creativity is big business in the business world and as more and more women take up the role of entrepreneur there is a greater need for them to tap into innovative strategies to stand out from the crowd and resist the statistics that tell us that more than 80% of all small businesses fail within the first few years after start up. “I wanted to reach as many women as possible; women who are in creative businesses or who simply want to be more creative in their lives and businesses to teach them through exposure to some of the most creative women I could find, how to live, love and leverage their own creativity to create successful, flourishing lives and businesses,” Bush explained

Over the course of 4 days participants will listen to some of the most innovative women Bush has lined up as guest speakers. Each will share how they have embraced their creativity to build very successful businesses and create lives that others see as inspiring. “Sadly though, too many women see the sorts of success our guest speakers have created as out of reach” Bush states “However as a business and life coach, Transpersonal Art Therapist, writer and artist, I am a specialist when it comes to women’s creativity and creativity in business and I see firsthand what is possible when a woman understands the power of her creativity.”

Bush understands on a deeply personal level the rich rewards to be gained when a woman embraces her creativity and she has seen through working with creative women and women in creative businesses from around the world, the incredible benefits to be gained on a multitude of levels when a woman knows how to access her creativity easily and sustainably. “I wanted to create something to showcase women’s creativity and when I learnt that April 15-21st each year was World Creativity and Innovation Week I just had to put something together. I’ve managed to secure some awesome presenters from all parts of the globe who have generously agreed to share their creative secrets to success, inspiring and teaching other women how they can use their creativity to manifest their business and life dreams with ease, grace, authenticity and a good dose of creativity of course,” explains Bush.

The ‘Creative Women Can’ Telesummit is happening 18th – 21st April, 2011. Listeners who register to be a part of the event will have the pleasure of hearing from 8 incredible women who have so much to share. A Telesummit is not a new format for delivering information but it is one that a lot of people are unaware of. “I often get asked what a Telesummit is. The best way to explain it is to say that it is a virtual event, much like a conference but one that you attend from the comfort of your own home via the telephone or internet and without the added cost of travel and accommodation that a conference can entail. A Telesummit is the perfect way to learn from experts that you might not ordinarily have the opportunity to hear speak and more and more it will be the way that we learn as the world continues to embrace technology” Bush says.

One of the guest speakers is Anita Revel, a West Australian based creative business woman, inspiring author and creatrix of the successful Additional speakers confirmed for the event hail from around Australia, the United States and Canada. A current client of Bush’s, Perth business woman and newly self confessed Creative Woman who Can, Chantal Vanderhaeghen founder of natural skin care range Franc Essential, has experienced amazing results after working with Bush and can’t wait for the Telesummit. “I’ve learnt so much recently about my own creative expression and discovered that it really is one of my greatest assets so I’m really excited to be able to learn all I can from other women from around the world about how they use their creative gifts in their lives and businesses. It will be an amazing event and an incredible opportunity for all women, whether you are in business or not, to be inspired to use your creativity in new and innovative ways to create whatever it is your heart desires”, says Vanderhaeghen.

Through her business, Creative Possibility, founded in 2009, Bush has worked with hundreds of women across Perth and around the world, teaching them how to constructively use their creativity to value themselves, improve their relationships and establish the right environment to empower themselves to create and authentically live rich, rewarding lives and build inspiring successful businesses; “Many of the women I work with have believed living a happy, rewarding life was out of reach. Combine the right support and a safe, nurturing environment and it becomes easier to access your creativity; learn about abundance (life’s riches and financial wealth); and create personal empowerment to make lasting, impactful changes. The result is a woman empowered to support herself in a way that results in personal wellbeing and success across all areas of her life.”

For more information about and to pre-register for the ‘Creative Women Can Telesummit’ happening 18 – 21st April 2011 please refer to the website

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Creative women in business are often brilliant at what they do but struggle with the business side of their business, often believing their creativity to be a hindrance rather than the asset it should be. Shannon Bush ‘the Creative Possibility Coach’ founded Creative Possibility in 2009 helps creative women entrepreneurs to understand and work from the principles of abundance, creativity and empowerment to create successful, sustainable businesses. Bush works with women locally, nationally and internationally. Based in Perth’s north western suburbs, Creative Possibility is the creative sanctuary you’ve been looking for if you know it’s time to harness your creative potential, your ‘Creative Possibility.’

In addition a range of workshops and programs exist for all women who are looking for more creativity in their lives.

For more information about how you can be supported on your journey to business success with ease, visit her website or call her direct on 0403 270 196.

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