Friday, March 4th, 2011

With the recent furore raging amongst for sale by owner sites ( F.S.B.O.s) about Australia’s largest Real Estate Portal's decision not to accept their listings anymore, has released a statement regarding its position on this subject.

“ is neither 'Real Estate Agents only' nor a 'For sale by Owner' Real Estate Portal,“ said Vic Del Vecchio, Managing Director.

“We believe in niche marketing on the web, and our niche is in advertising all properties on or near the water or with water views.”

Mr Del Vecchio went on to say that to be an Agent only Real Estate Portal is, in effect, depriving the buying public of the total of what is on the market for sale.

“I can understand that the portals that derive their income from agents for their services have to protect their niche. But that is not our concern. There is a growing number of property owners wanting to list their properties for sale on the net and we wish to provide the opportunity for these people to have the best possible chance of reaching the buyers.

“We made the decision long ago about what our Niche covers, and we concentrate on that and that only. Listings can come from anywhere. If we want to make the number one for waterfront, coastal and waterside real estate then we have to provide the full range of property listings available whether it be by Agent or by private seller.

“Most real estate portals and that includes FSBO's are not in niche markets, as in the main they cater for all types of properties in all geographic areas of Australia. Where watersidepropertysales differentiates is through our understanding that there is a section of the Australian buying public that will not live anywhere else but close to or on water. It is these people that we want to service and to do so we need to ensure that they do not have to scroll through thousands of properties, that they DON'T want, to find the ones that they DO want. The proof of this hypothesis is in the ratio of leads to visits on our site, with the past three months data showing that ONE in 35 visits are converted to leads."

Mr Del Vecchio goes on to say that a pure niche marketing site does not concern itself with huge traffic numbers, but works assiduously to find only those people that are genuinely interested in buying from that niche.

"We are a lean, mean machine in the real estate portal industry. We are not constrained by huge overheads and we are a business where the owners deal directly with their clients. This enables our products to be priced well below the market whilst getting to personally understand and deliver service to our clients and their niche market." continues to grow, reaching the 10 000 highly qualified visitors last month and to increase its level of property listings,in new real estate agent take up, content from agents and private sellers to a listing total above 10000.

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