Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
On Tuesday 8th March the world will celebrate the success of women’s economic, social and political achievements for the one hundredth International Women’s Day.

Themed “Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women” the 2011 International Women’s Day is the ideal opportunity to take stock of women’s contribution to business innovation.

One woman doing just that is Serina Pace, Principal Lawyer of Pace Lawyers, who has made her mark in a tough, male dominated industry.

“It seems to me that male domination in law largely stems from the career choices and opportunities available to men and women decades ago. As the statistics show, this trend has been changing and I dare say in another 5-10 years the industry should further approach parity,” she said.

While women make up half of Australia’s total population, they represent only 12% of management positions in the private sector.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 58% of women are active in the workforce, 57% of whom are in the public service, 30% are small business owners and 36% in senior executive positions. This trend is expected to continue as more women than men are educated at secondary schools and enter into tertiary studies.

Over 10 years of hard work, determination and peer-support Ms. Pace has gone from a practitioner at a large corporate firm to the principal lawyer of her own firm with a dedicated team of professionals and a significant commercial client base.

“It can be intimidating stepping into the world on your own, particularly in a world that is still dominated by men. No client has raised my gender as an issue, but people still expect a man to be heading up a team of 10 (and growing) commercial and corporate lawyers,” Ms Pace said.

Ms Pace attributes her success to following business strategies not tailored specifically for women, but those followed by the best business leaders, whatever their gender.

“Of course hard work and dedication are a part of success. But there comes a point where you can’t do anymore yourself; you need some outside perspective to help you get to the next level,” Ms Pace said.

As a member of Australia’s leading chief executive organisation, The Executive Connection (TEC), Ms Pace enjoys an advantage in fulfilling her potential.

“TEC membership has allowed me to gain inspiration and support from my peers in similar roles of leadership.

“When I find out a business icon is a TEC member and has been for many years, such as Anthony Paech from Beerenberg, I find it encouraging that everyone, no matter where they are now, needed help to get there, and still uses that support every day.”

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The Executive Connection (TEC)

The Executive Connection (TEC) is the Australian affiliate of Vistage International, Inc. with more than 14,500 members in 16 countries worldwide. It is the world’s foremost chief executive leadership group for ongoing professional and personal development, helping business CEOs become better leaders, make better decisions and drive better results for their organisations. TEC membership provides unparalleled access to new ideas and fresh thinking through monthly peer think-tanks, one-on-one business coaching and speaker presentations from the top industry experts, social networking and access to best practice articles, white papers and webinars.

TEC was founded in 1957 by US businessman Robert Nourse, to test a simple, yet revolutionary idea; business leaders sharing knowledge and experiences to help other business leaders to generate better results for their organisations. The idea was a great success and subsequently, TEC began in Australia in 1986 and currently has more than 1200 members. TEC / Vistage member companies generate nearly US$300 billion in annual revenue and employ approximately 1.8 million employees around the world. For more information please visit
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