Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
Despite the big four banks trying their best to out-do each other, an online survey has found today that non-banks are becoming increasingly appealing to consumers.

More than 81 per cent* have voted strongly in favour of non banks in an online poll by The Adviser, asking the question “Are non-banks a viable alternative to the majors?”.

For Community CPS Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Keogh, this result does not come as a surprise.

“Credit unions and building societies operate in a competitive environment but continue to offer their members competitive products and it is good to see that reflected in the market and the consumers’ minds,” said Mr Keogh.

“All mutually owned organisations have the interest of their members at heart, and our profits are reinvested into the business, enabling us to offer a complete service package of competitive interest rates and fees, responsible lending and personalised customer service to our members.

“As a credit union we are not driven by the pressure to maximise profits to pay external shareholders – it is much more about understanding our members’ needs and concerns, and working with them to deliver maximum value out of the relationship.”

* Figure correct at the time of issuing this statement.

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Online poll shows mutual organisations are in favour with consumers



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