Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
Sugar By Any Other Name

Sugar, that extraordinarily delightful bedfellow of coffee, is sweet and seductive in equal measure. The smallest addition of sugar transforms espresso into a toasty, caramel affair with a round, smooth finish and heightened notes of cocoa and molasses. As a result, white, brown, raw and artisanal sugars have each taken their turns on cafe tables. Indeed, if Shakespeare’s Juliet was with us today, she would be forgiven for tossing roses aside to ask if sugar by any other name would taste as sweet. In Silvana’s Organic Panela, she would have her answer. ??

Silvana Finest Quality Arabica Coffee has searched for and sourced its natural companion in organic panela. This exclusive pairing outmatches the slight astringency and characteristic dryness of refined white sugar as well as the graininess of refined brown sugars. It is little known that brown and raw sugars are usually made by re-spraying white, refined sugar with molasses. The result is minimal nutritional value and a comparatively dull, singular flavour. ??

Made from evaporated 100% organic sugar cane juice, the subtle sweetness, depth of flavour and nutritional quality of the Silvana organic panela is unmatched. Its moist, fine grain texture and golden colour is the result of minimal processing forged through strong partnerships with growers in Colombia. Merely pressed and dried after harvest, Silvana organic panela retains vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron that are naturally found in sugar but deprived from its refined counterparts. The result is smooth, nuanced espresso laced with syrupy hints of chocolate and molasses.

The exclusive companion of Silvana Finest Quality Arabica Coffee, organic panela is now available at European Foods Wholesalers and specialty vendors.

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