Thursday, February 5th, 2009

A house or an apartment that will cater for your changing needs as you or your loved one become less mobile will always prove a priceless asset. Getting around your own home will be one of the most important factors in retaining your sense of independence and freedom.

A new website is working in partnership with major residential developers, real estate agents and qualified occupational therapists to showcase some of the finest homes in Sydney that are either accessible for people with mobility impairments or that, at minimal cost & inconvenience, can be easily adapted to become so when the need arises in the future.

The site highlights some of the more high-profile luxury apartments in detail, but will happily take enquiries for suburbs across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area.

The wheelchair accessible apartments and houses have many advantages, providing:

  • Continued access to, and participation in, cherished & familiar communities
  • Flexibility and easy connection with family and friends
  • Continued social connections built over decades

What is an accessible home?

The accessible housing and apartments featured on are residential dwellings in which the architects have carefully designed the layout with ageing and mobility issues in mind:

  • The doorways and corridors are wider
  • The bathroom, bedroom & laundry have greater circulation areas
  • The kitchen can be easily adaptable for greater circulation area
  • The garage or car bay is wider

Home Modifications: also offers a Home Modifications service that allows people to remain in the comfort of their homes longer. Access Homes can modify or adapt existing homes for better ease of access to enhance your quality of living by installing:

  • wider doorways, lowering windows
  • mechanical lifts or stair climbers, structural change
  • assistive technology
  • ramps
  • kitchen modifications involving bench-top, cook-top, sink & oven heights
  • bathroom renovations involving shower, accessible pan, basin & grab-rails
  • electrical devices, lighting, switches & outlets,
  • floors, hallways, stairs and steps Home Modification service offers consultant occupational therapists who will perform a comprehensive in-home assessment to identify the modifications required and conduct post-assessment of the building works.

Your Future Is Accessible:

Whether you're an imminent retiree, a person or family living with a disability, a wheelchair user, or someone who wants to accommodate themselves in comfort for the long-term, you can now select properties off-the-plan which and built for access with

Whether buying or modifying your home, gives people the freedom to remain in their local communities rather than relocating to distant regional areas, out-of-town residential care or retirement-village settings, alienated from the suburbs, friends and family they know and love.

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Access Homes was established in 2008 with the aim of meeting the needs of people with mobility issues and seniors in such a way as to promote ageing with dignity and independence.

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An accessible home can future-proof you against ageing and mobility issues.


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