Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
FREMANTLE Street Arts Festival is a bellyaching, awe-inspiring, mind blowing and wonder filled way to spend this year’s extra long Easter weekend.

Each year Fremantle is the place to be during Easter when the curtains rise on Australia’s biggest and best street performing festival.

Twenty-two of the best street performers from around the globe are heading to ‘Freo’ to perform more than 150 shows over four days.

The cafes, pubs, parks and restaurants will be overflowing as the heart of Fremantle is closed to traffic while over 100,000 people flock to the port city to be dazzled, shocked and entertained as they witness the impish, irreverent and down right hilarious antics of these highly talented and award-winning performers.

The Fremantle Street Arts Festival started in 1999.

Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt said the event had built up an enviable reputation over the past 13 years as the country’s premier street performing festival.

“It just works in Fremantle,” he said.

“We have the beautiful old buildings, the port, the restaurants, the pubs and a culture of nurturing the arts. It all comes together to create an amazing atmosphere – it’s the special Freo magic”.

There will be more than 150 performances from the world’s most sought after artists who will present the best free shows ever seen on the streets of Australia.

Fremantle Streets Arts Festival offers circus, cabaret, musical, vaudeville, comedy and so much more. Wander the streets, taking in one amazing performance after another for the best Easter entertainment imaginable.

Crossing international, cultural and age boarders over four huge days, the performers will entertain you, make you laugh and leave you with the natural high only a great time can give you.

Spotlight on:

Stalker (NSW) performs Elevate –A highly disciplined, physically rigorous, spectacular work that incorporates street dancing, acrobatics and the daring of break dance with Stalker’s spectacular performance. Stalker has performed at festivals worldwide and are regarded as one of the country’s premier physical theatre companies.

HomoCatodicus (France) – An Australian premiere, the head monitor men are a combination of video walking puppetry comedy and high-tech theatre.

USA Breakdancers (USA) Hot favourites on the international festival circuit, this spectacular show is packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics and the hottest dance moves around. Combining comedic talents with cutting-edge dance choreography the USA Breakdancers deliver an unforgettable experience that has crowds all over the world cheering for more.

Funny Bones (Tokyo & UK) This unique Japanese and English combination features amazing giant puppetry, circus skills, comedy magic, mime, hat juggling, voice percussion, break dancing, and forever-new routines in an up-tempo style that changes to suit any atmosphere internationally.

Leapin' Louie (Utah USA) High-energy spoken and physical comedy, audience participation, combined with wild tricks: spinning a 70 foot lasso around himself, whipping a target out of a volunteers hands, setting his head on fire on the 6 foot unicycle and much more.

Married Men (UK) A smorgasbord of freshly delivered physical and verbal comedy garnished with a fine selection of “gentleman juggling”, seasoned with charm, finesse and a bit of domestic upheaval.

Fremantle Street Arts Festival is proudly supported by Eventscorp and Tourism Western Australia. All performances are free and held at Healthway smoke-free pitches across the city.

For more information visit www.fremantle.wa.gov.au
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