Monday, February 28th, 2011
Vancouver, BC - “1001 Internet Jokes II – Australian Edition” will be expanded by a few more jokes about Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Being one of the first internet joke books to be published, 1001 Internet Jokes” pioneered a new era for internet humour. Consumer feedback indicated an tastes for more jokes Prime Minister Julia Gillard and there were plenty to pick from. However, only the funniest, were added to the “1001 Internet Jokes II – Australian Edition.”

“I am pleased with the feedback from our Aussie readers, “ says 1001 Internet Jokes II editor David Moishe Schwab, “and I hope for the continued success of the 1001 Internet Jokes II – Australian Edition ebook.” The first book was introduced in 2000 as a print book. In keeping with new technology, 1001 Internet Jokes II had been published as an ebook and available in several different formats.

Along with the Australian Edition, there is also: 1001 Internet Jokes II – Canadian Edition, 1001 Internet Jokes II – UK Edition,1001 Internet Jokes II – Gay and Lesbian Edition,1001 Internet Jokes II – Bathroom Reader Edition.

The book is available in ebook format with (, (, and Kobo eReader (

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