Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Graham Sammells, Chief Executive Officer for The IQ Business Group, has been re-appointed to the role of Chair of the Electronic-Commerce Policy Sub-Committee of The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA). In his second consecutive year as Chair, Sammells will head the Sub-Committee charged with establishing and promoting the viability of Electronic-Commerce for Australia’s trillion dollar superannuation industry.

The key focus of the Electronic-Commerce Sub-Committee is to develop policy positions that will ensure the superannuation industry is operationally more efficient and “easy to do business with”.

According to Sammells he is delighted to be renewing such a key industry role. “This is a significant time to be involved in the future of a very dynamic industry,” he outlined. “The Sub-Committee made great headway last year and I believe that with the recent legislative changes and re-shaped attitudes towards superannuation from all parties, it really is the time for e-commerce to deliver on benefits for the wider market. I look forward to being part of Australia’s new approach to a more efficient superannuation sector.”

“The work of the Electronic-Commerce Sub-Committee is hugely important as we prepare for Stronger Super,” commented Pauline Vamos, Chief Executive Officer, ASFA Ltd. “2011 will no doubt be a year of milestones for Graham and the Sub-Committee as they work with industry to address a broad of issues related to e-commerce.”

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The Electronic Commerce Policy Sub-Committee, ASFA

The Electronic Commerce Policy Sub-Committee is established by and reports to the Policy Committee. It is aligned with, and supports, the ASFA Policy Vision of Industry Efficiency Gains and its key focus is to develop policy positions that will ensure the industry is operationally more efficient and ‘easy to do business with’.
The purpose of the Sub-Committee is to assist ASFA in guiding the superannuation industry towards being ‘easy to do business with’. It is through e-commerce that funds will be able to improve data and information flows between its customers (employers, members, regulators and other funds) creating efficiencies and cost savings for all parties. It will do this by:
a. Identifying opportunities for ASFA to promote the adoption of industry e-commerce standards;
b. Assisting ASFA to promote the use of electronic commerce;
c. Identifying opportunities to improve the electronic transfer of information between the industry and its regulators;
d. Promoting the introduction of electronic interfaces between funds and their members;
e. Assisting in the evaluation of proposed e-commerce initiatives that may impact on the superannuation industry;
f. Driving implementation of the Cooper Review’s SuperStream initiatives;
g. Measuring and monitoring the take up of electronic commerce initiatives across the industry;
h. Monitoring, reviewing and reporting on issues relevant to electronic commerce referred to it by the Policy Committee;
i. Assisting in the development of ASFA submissions, industry papers and requests-for-comments from regulators;
Generally acting as a sounding board for, and providing input to, the ASFA Secretariat on matters relevant to the Sub-Committee as and when they arise.
Cathryn van der Walt
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The IQ Business Group

Founded in 1998, The IQ Business Group (IQ) is a worldwide provider of comprehensive business solutions and the technologies that enable them. IQ focuses on helping clients improve operational and technological efficiency and reducing operational risk. Today in Australia, the company employs over 80 specialist consultants with major offices in Melbourne and Sydney. It offers four practice lines – Operations, Technology, Risk and Microsoft Solutions.
Cathryn van der Walt
P: 0402 327 633


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