Thursday, February 5th, 2009
Dux College is a HSC specialist learning centre based in Sydney which offers HSC tuition programs for year 11 and 12 high school students who want to achieve their HSC goals and maximise their UAI. We are pleased to announce that Term 1 of 2009 will start this week, with the first class scheduled to run on Saturday 7th of February 2009. Classes for most HSC subjects run for about 2 hours each week, and are small, fun and interactive.

Dux College offers complete tuition programs for students currently in Preliminary and HSC (year 11 & 12) for the following subjects:

• Mathematics (2 unit)
• Mathematics Extension 1
• Mathematics Extension 2
• Physics
• Chemistry
We also offer accelerated maths programs for bright and enthusiastic year 10 students.

Who we are
We are dedicated educators whose sole motivation is to help HSC students achieve the highest possible UAI they can get.

1) Our teachers are experts in their fields, and excellent communicators with great teaching skills.
2) We teach comprehensively, from first principles, so our students have a solid foundation of knowledge which they build on throughout their 2 years, leading up to the final exams.
3) Our teaching is exam focused, meaning we only focus on what is relevant to the exams, because we understand the time-criticality of a student’s HSC years.
4) We focus on exam technique, as we teach our students how to structure their answers to get full marks, even for the long essay-type questions.
5) Our learning materials are comprehensive, easy to understand, and 100% exam relevant. They delve into great detail when necessary, so students know exactly what to focus on for their exam preparation.
6) Our classes are small, fun and interactive. We promote a healthy competitive environment where students motivate each other, but we also preserve an individualised teaching approach by limiting our class numbers.

In today’s competitive climate for limited university spaces in high-demand courses, the importance of a high UAI cannot be emphasised enough. The difference between a sufficiently high UAI and a low UAI determines which university the student goes to, what he/she ends up studying, and ultimately his/her career choices. We believe a student’s UAI has far-reaching lifelong consequences, so that’s where our motivation lies. We believe every good student who genuinely tries their best at the HSC deserves to get into the university course they want. That’s why we are passionate about helping students. Our programs are about getting our students into the correct mindset and work ethic habit, as much as it is about instilling comprehensive theoretical knowledge and perfect exam technique, all of which are necessary to get an excellent UAI.

Our past students
In the past few years, over 80% of our students have achieved a UAI of 90+ and have gone on to do the courses of their choosing (Commerce, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering to name a few). Read what our students have to say about us-

Free trial class offer
We invite ALL new students to join a Free trial class and see firsthand what we have to offer before signing up. Our enrolment officers are happy to take your call and book you in for an obligation-free first lesson, free of charge.

20% off before end of February
Dux College offer a 20% discount on your term 1 fee if you pay before the 28th of February.

More information
To find out more about any of our offers, or to book your attendance for a Free trial class, visit us at or call us on (02) 8007 6824

Contact Details
Dux College Pty Ltd
388 Horseley Drive,
Fairfield, Sydney,
NSW 2165
Contact no: (02) 8007 6824
Email- [email protected]

Contact Profile

Dux College

Dux College is a Sydney-based HSC learning centre specialising in HSC Maths, Extension 1, Extension 2, Physics and Chemistry tutoring. Our Maths, Physics and Chemistry tuition programs are intensive and results driven, aimed at giving our students the skills to achieve Band 6, and their highest potential UAI.
Hong Li
P: (02) 8007 6824


Dux College is a HSC specialist learning centre based in Sydney which offers HSC tuition programs for year 11 and 12 high school students who want to achieve their HSC goals and maximise their UAI


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