Thursday, February 24th, 2011
From a fat woman seductively pole-dancing and another admiring her pedicure, to a couple rubbing bellies deep in a romantic tango, emerging sculpture artist Julie Haseler-Reilly will bring out the tubby person in all of us at her debut Paddington exhibition FAT.

On show at the Mary Place Gallery Paddington from 23 March – 3 April 2011, FAT features over 20 bronze and limestone sculpture figures of happy and optimistic fat women and men frozen in moments of action and drama.

“I’ve tried to become a keen observer of ‘little’ gestures that give-up the human truth and like to think all my fat ladies and men are characters frozen in part of a bigger story,” said Julie Haseler-Reilly.

Haseler-Reilly, a former actress and singer for theatre and television, has dedicated herself to sculpture for the past ten years, under the tutelage of luminaries such as the late Tom Bass and Allan Somerville, the celebrated creator of the ANZAC Bridge iconic soldiers.

“Because of my background as a performer I am intuitively interested in the response of my audience and strive to capture the essence of personality in a sculptural form. I like to think that my women, despite their girth, are compellingly attractive, very happy and optimistic.”

“I look at Pedicure, for example, and like to think this woman is sitting at home on a Friday night, after a long day working at the local Post-Office, she has just had a bubble path, painted her toes and is extremely delighted with her choice of colour.”

Somerville recently praised the artists work as “dramatic, dynamic and essentially human...a breath of fresh air in a sculpting world of abstract angle iron.”

Haseler-Reilly was inspired to hold this debut exhibition after winning the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio People’s Choice Award and receiving many requests from established art galleries like Ardleigh Cleveland Gallery.

Haseler-Reilly dedicates her time between her studios at the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School and Bali where she studies and works with world-renowned stone carvers.

Wed March 23 - Sun April 3 2011
Mary Place Gallery in Paddington

Opening Night: 22 March 6pm (RSVP essential)
Chew the FAT with the Artist: drinks Sunday 27 March 3-5pm

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Julie Haseler-Reilly

Julie Haseler-Reilly is a rising sculpture artist based in Glebe, who has won several awards including the Tom Bass People's Choice. FAT at Mary Place Gallery is her first ever exhibition.
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P: +61 2 9368 7277


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