Thursday, February 24th, 2011
Adelaide company Axis Manufacture, a leader in environmentally friendly waterproof membranes, protective coatings and adhesives for the global construction industry, has appointed a board made up of a diverse group of industry leaders to help marshal the company’s rapid growth.

Manufacturing process expert Mark Fusco, director of consulting firm Manufacturing Focus, recently rounded out the board. Manufacturing Focus was recently named as the 4th fastest growing company in South Australia in the Fast Movers Index. Mr Fusco joins chairman Trevor Basso, from chartered accounting firm Basso Newman; management expert Claude Galloni, general manager of solicitors firm Tindall Gask Bentley; and Axis managing director Phil Scardigno.

“Our aim with the board selection was not to have clones but to appoint people from different sectors with different skill sets,” Mr Scardigno said.

“We are relatively young and I felt as MD that we needed to have a board in place to look from the outside – to have a perspective that is impossible when you are running the business day-to-day. This is even more important during a period of extremely rapid growth with substantial investment in prime equipment and staff.

“We have been able to grow our export business with very large corporate customers even while the dollar has been at record levels.”

Axis anticipates growth of some 450% as it moves to maximise global opportunities in clean, green construction.

Contact Profile

Axis Manufacture

Axis Manufacture offers private label, confidential product development and toll manufacture services to companies throughout Australasia and the Asia Pacific region, from large multinationals to specialist niche suppliers in the construction industry.
All research, development and production is based on water borne, solvent free and environmentally safe technology, providing end users with non-toxic alternatives to traditional solvent based and hazardous products.
Phil Scardigno, CEO, Axis Manufacture
P: + 61 (8) 8124 7380

Manufacturing Focus

Founded in South Australia, in 2005, Manufacturing Focus provides engineering consultancy services from coast to coast across Australia.

The Manufacturing Focus engineering team uses the company’s own Smart Factory™ methodology to help customers design a new process-driven plant layout or modify an existing plant layout to suit their changing needs. The Smart Factory™ approach creates manufacturing businesses that utilise lean principles and the latest technologies to maximise efficiencies and provide the greatest opportunity for success.

Manufacturing Focus customises plant layouts to satisfy current and future production needs while integrating the following core attributes:
• Safety – Integrating worker safety and ergonomics
• Environment - Sustainable processes and energy minimisation
• Efficiency – Smoother work flow and waste elimination
• Technology – Benefit based solutions
• Flexibility and responsiveness - For changes in customer and market demand
• Expandability - Strategic considerations for future needs

Using proven methodologies, customers can establish the production cost, quality and delivery outcomes prior to major investment.

Contact details: Kosette Lambert (08) 7120 9400.
Kosette Lambert
P: (08) 7120 9400
M: 0414 69 70 71


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