Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
This year's winner of the Coach of the Year Award, Noel Posus, of Ask A Coach, will lead a half day workshop, on Thursday 26 February at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart as part of the Professional & Personal Development Retreat (PD Retreat) which runs from Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 February.

The workshop, The Wheels of Life – Essential Awareness Tools for Personal and Professional Contexts is about learning how to use the Foundation Wheel of Life tool to understand the coaching methodology framework.

Noel has been coaching for twenty years, and has worked in many countries and cultures. Noel and his co-authors, Sarah Hue-Williams and Claire Stretch have published thirteen e-books about The Wheels of Life and 65 tutorial videos on how to use this essential life and corporate coaching tool. Noel teaches at leading coaching schools and universities.

His workshop at the PD Retreat includes a brief history of the tool, and then moves into information about how this tool fits into the coaching toolkit; and helps to raise people's awareness, make decisions and take action.

The PD Retreat gpresents Tasmanian Coaches with a rare opportunity to learn how to create Wheels of Life tools for their clients from a world class expert. Participants attending this session can become Wheels of Life Certified Practitioners. But this tool is not just for coaches; anyone can learn the process and start making a real different to their lives, and for others, using The Wheels of Life methodology.

The PD Retreat is for everyone, with sessions for personal, professional and organisational development over three days. More information about the PD Retreat and registration options and details can be found at the website for the PD Retreat, www.pdretreat.info

Life, business and executive coaches from Australia, New Zealand and around the world were nominated for the prestigious Coach of the Year Award, which is given for service, both to clients and to the coaching industry.

Accepting the award, Noel Posus said, “I’m more than just honoured by the recognition from my industry, but I’m also quite touched by it as I see this as symbolising my journey to be the most authentic, values-centred, good person I can be. As I continue to improve my personal and professional life, demonstrate the values of integrity, positivity and impact, and then I’m also attracting colleagues, clients and friends that support that. I’m working with people who are also values-focused and striving to be the best they can in every sense. So, this award is a milestone on that journey and represents not just me, but also those around me in all environments.”

The Award was presented to Noel by Sally Higgins, of the Australia & New Zealand Coaching Institute of Coaching, which is a professional coaching association for members of the Australian and New Zealand Coaching Community.

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Australian & New Zealand Coach of the Year to Speak at Hobart Professional & Personal Development Conference in Hobart 26 - 28 February


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