Thursday, February 24th, 2011
Model, Calculate and Analyze Carbon Footprints Easily

‘Umberto for Carbon Footprint’ is the answer to the growing need for an easy-to-use tool for identifying the greatest carbon reduction potentials of products and companies. Unique functionalities enable easy identification of hotspots via modeling, calculation, analysis and visualization. In today’s competitive marketplace, optimization of carbon footprints allows companies to achieve both a higher level of productivity and a better market position.

Hamburg: ifu Hamburg, the material flow software provider specializing in carbon management, has introduced a new member of the Umberto product family. ‘Umberto for Carbon Footprint’ aims to address the challenges climate change brings to industries and governments worldwide. Umberto for Carbon Footprint enables its users to easily quantify and analyze climate change related emissions that occur within the company or along its supply chains. Several corporations and consulting companies in sectors as varied as food & beverages, agriculture and exhibition equipment already use the pre-release versions of the software. “ifu Hamburg expects a strong uptake from small and medium-sized companies and consultants around the world – also from corporations located in emerging economies” says Jan Hedemann, CEO ifu Hamburg.


Knowing and making efforts to reduce a company’s impact on climate change has become an important asset for credibility and differentiation. With Umberto for Carbon Footprint, corporations can achieve GHG emission transparency for their production systems. Consultants can offer a cost effective carbon footprint modeling tool that the client can adapt and enhance as needed.


Easy-to-use has been and remains the guiding principle for the development of Umberto for Carbon Footprint. Consequently, an innovative functionality is realized that leaves other carbon footprint software behind.
The intuitive user interface and graphical visualization of the models are state-of-the-art. The software benefits from 20 years of ifu Hamburg’s experience in software development for material and energy flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA).
True to the motto “model, calculate and analyze carbon footprints easily”, product and corporate carbon footprints can be quickly determined at low cost. To significantly reduce data acquisition effort, a comprehensive database of 3000 materials from the widely used ecoinvent database is included. An Excel export interface supports carbon management reporting tasks.


All models are presented in tabular and graphic formats using Sankey diagrams. Visualization is the basis for quick and easy analysis of results. Possible production system improvements are visible at first glance.
Another innovation is the module gallery. Via drag & drop and copy & paste, model parts can be rearranged to analyze technology or product variations and alternative scenarios. Umberto for Carbon Footprint supports modeling that satisfies PAS 2050 guidelines as well as the requirements of the GHG accounting protocol.


Umberto for Carbon Footprint costs 990€. For further information and a free trial version please follow:

From March 9 – 10, 2011 ifu Hamburg participates at the ALCAS 7th Australian Conference in Melbourne and presents their software tools Umberto for Carbon Footprint, Umberto, e!Sankey and Sabento.

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