Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
Australian Democrats National President Ms Julia Melland today called for a return to compassion in Australian politics.

Ms Melland was commenting on weekend media reports that former senior Liberal Bruce Baird had indicated that the Liberal Party had moved to the right and that moderate views in the party had "all but disappeared". Ms Melland said that it was no accident that Malcolm Fraser had resigned his membership of the Liberal Party in recent years.

Ms Melland said, "The Australian Democrats have always emphasized honesty, tolerance and compassion in politics, and it was time to return to these values."

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A genuinely independent political force advocating for solutions based on compassion, justice and equality. The Australian Democrats stand up for the rights of all Australians. We strive to eradicate discrimination, bigotry and exploitation, and to end once and for all the marginalisation of Indigenous Australians, asylum seekers and other minority groups.
Julia Melland
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