Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
An Adelaide business woman has taken inspiration from her mother to create a new venture – Le Babè Online Op Shop.

Sue McKay of Glenelg South, who runs several businesses as part of the Kick It To Me Enterprises network, said that this development was a ‘no-brainer’, coming straight from her heart.

The seed was sewn 40 years ago when as a little girl Sue was introduced to second-hand shopping by her mother Dina Girardi, an Italian migrant. Sue said that back then, op shopping was more of a necessity than a desire.

“Our family had migrated from Italy and Mum and Dad watched every penny to make ends meet,” Sue said.

“There were no trips to glossy department stores.

“Second-hand or ‘op’ shopping was the norm for our family. As a four-year-old and right through to my teens I would tag along as Mum walked kilometres to local charity stores to see what treasures we could find.”

Le Babè Online Op Shop stocks pre-loved clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery and accessories sourced from charity stores and the general public. Sue donates 10 percent of the sale price to charity and dedicates the store to her mother.

“There’s quite an art to op shopping,” said Sue, “not everyone has it!

“I was lucky that my mum passed the skill on to me.”

For those without the knack or who want to op shop from home, Le Babè brings the best of second-hand clothing direct to online shoppers.

Why the name Le Babè?

“Mum raised me and my four siblings speaking an Italian dialect from her small village of Conco high in the mountains of northern Italy. Words were twisted and joined to make their own meaning. Le Babè, pronounced 'Bub-beh' was Mum’s way of saying trash and treasure.

“I think all items at Le Babè are treasures.”

Le Babè Online Op Shop is open for business from 25 February 2011.

For the month of March, 10 percent of the sale price is being donated to victims of the Queensland floods.

The store can found at www.lebabe.com.au.

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Sue McKay - Kick It To Me

P: 0438 204 074
W: www.lebabe.com.au


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