Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Melbourne, Australia. On February 26th 2011, at Brighton’s historic Billilla mansion, Kristen Morrison & Sarah Delarue will launch the ‘Grow Foundation, for Naturally Better Kids’.

There’s only one thing worse than being told that your child has a disability, and that’s being told that nothing can be done. Methods do exist which make it possible for children with neurological challenges – like Autism, Developmental Delay and Cerebral palsy – to achieve potential beyond most traditional expectations. The Grow Foundation plans to support these methods, and to provide new hope for many families.

The idea to establish a Foundation came from the response to Kristen’s book, Naturally Better, which tells the story of her own miraculous results using natural and alternative therapies with her son, born with Down syndrome. As part of the launch, the Grow Foundation will publish Six Australian Stories of children whose lives have been dramatically improved because of methods discussed in Naturally Better, including an American home-based therapy program. The children featured have conditions including Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay and Rubinstein Tabi syndrome.

“It takes considerable parent effort to achieve these incredible results, and because these are at-home therapy programs run by parents for their own kids, the families often fall between chairs when it comes to funding. The irony is that the more work these parents do, the greater the chance of their child growing up to be a self-supporting adult! That’s always been our goal for our son!” Kristen says.
The Grow Foundation has been created to fill a perceived gap in the services available to parents wanting to use such programs to help their own children.

Sarah says “The Grow Foundation is all about parents helping other parents. It is a very exciting and unique project, which we hope will provide great relief to families who are often given little or no hope for their children.”
The Grow Foundation is proudly sponsored by Chefs on the Run, EKM Legal, Let’s Party Additive Free, Baby Mode and Lindenwarrah Resort. The venue has been donated for the event by Xavier College.


The 'Six Australia Stories' may be released to the media on request, but will be published on the website after the launch.

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Grow Foundation Ltd

The Grow Foundation is a new not-for-profit organisation, all about parents helping other parents to get access to help for their children with special needs. Methods exist to help children with neurological challenges such as autism, developmental delay and cerebral palsy to achieve results which are traditionally believed impossible.

Some of the methods discussed by the Grow Foundation require a level of commitment which is often very high.

The Grow Foundation has been established to provide information, support and funding to parents who choose to follow this path, and to give hope to those who seek improvement.

Afterall, our children deserve nothing less.
Kristen Morrison
P: 0433450804
W: www.growfoundationforkids.org


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