Monday, February 21st, 2011
Design Design, one of Australia’s most successful retail interior architects have officially launched a new business today that will change the price and approach to chain store fitouts forever.

Their new firm, Project Duo, modularises the design of national chain stores, and develops a series of “shop kits” that can be fitted to different sized and shaped spaces in many diverse and easily modified layouts.

The kits, which present one uniform, brand elevating look and feel for each national chain offer an enormous aesthetic improvement to stores with large racking and product display requirements and allow fitout components to be bulk-purchased off one design for maximum cost efficiency. They reduce the sunk cost of establishing a new store in a chain or franchise and provide enormous benefits when rolled out across chains.

The design approach of the business has been shown across many stores to increase sales, and now, with this modular approach it can decrease costs too.

Kits can be manufactured in less than 6 weeks and rolled over existing shopfronts in just 3 days, maintaining business continuity as a top priority and reducing the cost of lost trading time.

“Our unique approach offers massive cost savings to retailers seeking an architecturally designed, yet affordable series of retail fitout modules for their chain stores that they can roll out fast,” says Randal Huntington, Design Director and Co-Owner of both Design Design and Project Duo.

Design Design and Project Duo work in partnership on many of Design Design’s clients providing modules that have cut the cost of joinery and racking by up to half. Their clients include EB Games, Worksense, Nandos, Triumph, Noodle Box, The Athletes Foot, and Mrs Fields among many others over their past 10 years in retail design.

“Each chain’s design can be modified simply to fit the format of each local presence and the demands of their local target market through our modular approach and flexible racking, counter and display systems”, said Randal.

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Project Duo

Project Duo and Design Design design, manufacture, import and project manage the installation of retail fit?out kits for national chains and franchise. We design consistent, modular kits for each retail chain and then manage the manufacturing, import, supply and installation of all of the fit?outs, racking, signage, counters and equipment that make up each individual kit for every chain or franchise store, rolling it out across the country, or on all new store installations.
Rebecca Wilson, Marketing, Project Duo
P: 0408006176

Design Design

Design Design are the retail fitout designers of over 700 retail and chain stores nationwide. They are the fitout designers of stores including EB games, Nandos, Mrs Fields, Footlocker, Triumph Australia, Noodle Box and many many more.
Randal Huntington, Design Director
P: 07 38083122


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