Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
Exposure to the summer sun leaves lips dehydrated and chapped lips are definitely not on any girls' wish list. Just in time to save lips from the summer heat, Nutrimetics has created Ultra Care+ Lip Apeel.

The Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report revealed almost two thirds (62.8%) of Aussie ladies are most motivated to look good for their other half, so having the perfect pout for your partner is a must. Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ Lip Apeel is an innovative two step lip transformation system unlike any other on the market, delivering irresistibly kissable lips in just minutes by erasing dry skin and plumping up the lips with moisture. Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ Lip Apeel first repairs the lips with an innovative exfoliator, and then moisturises for a longer term treatment. It works to minimise the appearance of lines and firms the skin to make lips appear fuller and younger, and creates a new base for superior lipstick application.

Lip Apeel is the latest product in the Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ Collection of over a dozen serums, moisturisers, lotions, cremes, capsules and masques.

Ultra Care+ Lip Apeel Product Details:

Step 1: Line Peel. It contains an exfoliating Micro-Crystalline Wax that removes lifeless skin cells and colour build up that can cause uneven lipstick coverage.

Step 2: Nourisher. Sea Fern Concentrate firms the lips whilst Sandalwood Extract works to soothe and nourish the skin, leaving lips softer, smoother and younger looking.

About the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report; National Survey*:

This report is a Nutrimetics research initiative to discover the state of Australian women's beauty habits and attitudes about beauty. The Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report is one of the first in-depth reports of its kind, and Nutrimetics prides itself on being a leading authority on beauty, and understanding Australian women.

*Research conducted in June 2010, with a national survey of 1,842 Australian women from all States and Territories, aged from their teens to their late 60s. Women selected from rural, regional and urban areas as well as a combination of ethnic backgrounds.

To explore some key findings of the national survey, two focus groups were conducted in June 2010. One group comprised on women from Gen Y, and the other a mix of women from Gen X and Boomers.

Notes to Editors:

Ultra Care+ Lip Apeel (35.4g, RRP $30) is suitable for all skin types, male and female.
Product images are available on request.

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