Friday, February 18th, 2011
The wacky trio of presenters on LocoTV's digital Geek Speak program have had a clash of online egos and gone their separate ways... all in the name of the Ultimate Twitter Challenge.

Geek Speak is an online program covering all things tech-related, produced in Perth by LocoTV in collaboration with iiNet.

Hosts Tiang Cheng, Jason Jordan and Ryan Hewitt were each tasked with creating new Twitter profiles and generating as many followers as possible starting on Tuesday, 15 February.

The winner will be announced on the program in an episode scheduled for early April, where viewers will learn the 'inside goss' on how they went about their Twitter campaigns.

Keen to see off the challenge and take the ultimate bragging rights, Tiang Cheng said the segment was about exploring some of the myths and misconceptions behind Social Media, but some "rather hefty" egos would guarantee a fun and fierce competition.

"I'm sure the other geeks are planning something devious, but my strategy was very straight forward – turn to people who are dedicated in using social media to help clients promote their brand," Tiang said.

"I was impressed by the 'tweet skills' of Tenille Bentley (@tenillebentley), Managing Director at Socialite Media (@socialite_media) and John Cooke (@freocookster), Social Media Strategist at Professional Public Relations (@PPRwa). Bringing them onboard to @TeamTiang follows a new social media strategy from large brands.

"In a recent report, Business Editor Edmund Tadros (@edmundtadros) and journalist Jane Lee (@JaneSYLee) have found that brand identities like Marc Jacobs, Alicia Keyes, and even Harvey Norman are all hiring dedicated social media professionals to help brands navigate the wild frontier of the online world.

"The first thing our team came up with was the twitter name @TeamTiang. The twitter name is your brand identity and we hope @TeamTiang will encourage people to literally join the team and be a part of the fun. We'll also use the hashtag #TeamTiang to track the conversation.

"The major plank in the campaign is a series of giveaways over the competition period for all new followers, with winners announced on a regular basis.

"The prizes range from a special 'prussian blue' Bintang t-shirt from @freocookster, a meat pack from @TenilleBentley and my own xbox 360.

"Social Media is about fun and keeping it real. @TeamTiang will be a fun brand to see how quickly a large online community can be created.

"Everyone involved agrees that it's the quality of followers, not the total number that makes for a successful Twitter profile. But in this instance we’re just going hell for leather – let the feathers fly!"

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Geek Speak is an online program covering all things tech-related, produced in Perth by LocoTV in collaboration with iiNet.

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