Friday, February 18th, 2011

Australian diners have made it clear they want to voice their opinions, with 15,000 people completing dining surveys for the launch of the Dimmi Score, developed by instant online restaurant reservations provider Dimmi.

All the surveys were completed over the course of just eight weeks after dining out at a Dimmi partner restaurant.

Dimmi founder and MD Stevan Premutico said that the strong uptake shows how passionate diners are about their dining experience.

“This uptake has taken even us by surprise," Mr Premutico said.  “The Dimmi Score is different from traditional user generated feedback that has saturated the market, as only customers who have booked and actually dined at the restaurant are invited to share their feedback directly with the restaurant. 

“These diners feel empowered and recognised by their chosen restaurant and have wholeheartedly participated. The power of the palate is a way diners feel they are being listened to and can actually make a difference.”

The Dimmi Score is a monthly report compiled from post-dining surveys to help partner restaurants improve customer satisfaction levels.

Questions to diners include: likelihood to recommend; value for money; and a further breakdown to include ratings for food and beverage, service and atmosphere. Diners are also encouraged to share their feedback with the restaurant to provide even more constructive feedback.

Some of the detailed comments may be about areas restaurateurs haven't considered and is a vital tool to help restaurants track performance, address customer service issues and ultimately to continually drive and improve customer satisfaction levels. For example, one restaurant has received near perfect scores for food, value for money and service, but has a low return customer base. The feedback has shown them the problem is with atmosphere, particularly noise within the restaurant.

Mr Premutico continues, "More often than not a customer will dine in the restaurant, settle their bill and the restaurant will never know if they had a poor, good or great dining experience. Dimmi addresses this issue by integrating feedback from diners into the booking process, allowing owners to intimately understand customer satisfaction within their restaurant.

"We are finding that more than ever customers are hungry for value for money, they want attentive but not obtrusive customer service, that noise levels within the restaurant are critical to creating the right dining atmosphere and that whilst a greeting is important as the customer walks in to the restaurant a 'thank you' as they leave is critical to wrapping up the experience."

Dimmi is truly proving it’s the powerhouse in instant, online bookings with over 750,000 diners seated to date across the country.

On top of that, over 25,000 diners have joined the race towards receiving a free meal through the Dimmi Rewards program. This again proves that diners want recognition for their loyalty.

Something like this has never been done before in Australia - it benefits diners, restaurant owners and management. In time, Dimmi will produce a National Restaurant Index containing a closer look across the nation as to what we are eating, when, with whom and what we are spending along with other interesting data and trends in the Australian dining scene.

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