Friday, February 18th, 2011
The Australia China Development Company is leading a trade mission to China from 15th-24th April 2011 and will attend the Wine China 2011 exhibition in Beijing and then travel to Qingdao and Yantai in the Shandong Province.

About the mission
The mission to the Wine China 2011 exhibition in Beijing will serve as an excellent entry point to understanding the China Wine Industry and then a focus on the Shandong Province will provide outstanding business matching opportunities and access to qualified leads.

Registrations of interest are now being sought from wine companies to participate in the April Trade Mission and should be considered by those that are already exporting wine into that market and are seeking to expand their distribution or to companies that are export ready but are not urrently exporting into China.

The mission will be managed by Conan Fahey, General Manager who will be travelling with the participants.

Proven Success
Portavins Managing Director Tony Royal says, "I was first introduced to TACDC General Manger Conan Fahey in 2007. We required expert assistance in developing business opportunities in mainland China. "Results speak: ­ in less than three years from a zero base we are now exporting 40 x 20 foot containers of packaged Australian wine per month into the Chinese market. Conan’s unique ability to explain and educate Australians on Chinese culture and business and the same when dealing with the Chinese on Australian culture and business fast tracked our opportunities and consolidated relationships. He comes with our highest recommendation.”

About Wine China 2011 Exhibition
Wine China 2011, approved by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), fully supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of China, and organized by CCPIT Sub-Council of Agriculture in partnership with Beijing Regalland Conventions & Exhibition Co, Ltd., will be held in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center during 17th to 19th April, 2011.

As the organizers, CCPIT Sub-Council of Agriculture and Beijing Regalland Conventions & Exhibition Co, Ltd. are committed to providing a direct and effective platform for wine producers, distributors, retailers, experts, wine lovers, journalists, and consumers from China and abroad to negotiate cooperation and share wine culture.

Why Shandong Province – Qingdao / Yantai?

* Shandong is the second wealthiest province in China
* Qingdao is the wealthiest city in Shandong Province which has the second highest GDP of China's provinces
* Shandong is one of wine major producing area of China and the provinces 2nd largest industry
* Qingdao population of 8 million / Shandong Province 96 million
* Qingdao Port is mainland China's 2nd largest major trading port
* Qingdao is one of China's top ten economically dynamic cities and top ten business cities.
* Yantai is named "International Vine & Wine City of China" and is surrounded by over 140 wineries and hosts the Annual Yantai International Wine Festival
* Many geographical, political and economic factors make Qingdao the most strategic “beach-head” for those seeking to do business in China

Draft Program
16th April - Arrive in Beijing

17th April - Wine China 2011 Exhibition & Business Matching

18th April - Wine China 2011 Exhibition & Business Matching

19th April - Arrive in Qingdao (1 hour flight from Beijing)
Legal Briefing & Seminars

20th April - Qingdao
Business Matching
Market Awareness & Retail Visits
Wine Showcase

21st April - Qingdao
Depart am Qingdao to Yantai (3 hour by road)
Market Awareness & Retail Visits
Wine Showcase
Depart for Qingdao PM

22nd April - Qingdao
Market Awareness
Wine showcase
Business Meetings

23rd April
Yantai / Qingdao – Follow ups

24th April
Depart Qingdao

What to Expect
While in Beijing & Shandong Province, TACDC will present a series of formal briefings and seminars consisting of banquets, site visits and informal briefings between business matching appointments that will enhance the
delegates understanding of the Chinese Wine Industry.

A detailed program will be provided when planning is formalized.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits
* Close cooperation with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Qingdao / Yantai) and Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Qingdao / Yantai)

* Access to support from cooperative partners - Shandong You Hua Law Firm, Douglas (Qingdao) Wines Co Ltd., Qingdao International Business Leaders Clubnd the China Qingdao, International Economic & Technical Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd.

* Meet with potential bulk wine importers, investors, distributors andentrepreneurs to develop relationships for business

* Increase Sales

* Develop an understanding of the Shandong / China wine industry and markets

* Discover additional wine industry related business opportunities in China

* Develop market awareness

* Opportunity to promote your wines to a target audience

* Program individual business matching with potential partners, distributors, government and industry representatives

* Gain a better understanding of Chinese protocol, business culture and etiquette

* Direct access to professional translation services, interpreters, vehicle
transport and support staff in Beijing and Qingdao / Yantai

* Assessment of the commercial situation negotiation of the best incentives for investment

* Be accompanied and assisted throughout by representatives from TACDC staff

* Access to boardroom facilities

TACDC will charge $2,500 AUD (excluding GST) for providing project management services, international marketing, business intelligence and business matching services in China.

Cost excludes: China Wine 2011 visitor attendance fee, international/domestic travel & accommodation, incidental and sample freight costs. TACDC can arrange for economical accommodation in central 4 star hotels for interested participants and can also recommend travel arrangements and freight logistics.

Enquiries and registration of interest by 18th March 2011 to:
Karyn Lanthois
[email protected]
+61 433 409 781

Contact Profile

The Australia China Development Company

The TACDC is represented by its General Manager Conan Fahey and its Chairman, Hon. Chris Schacht.

Conan has resided in China increasingly over the past decade and has been referred to by In Business Magazine as "an appropriate point man in China, familiar with the local ways of life and business, he is part of the ritical interface between very different cultures." He is the South ustralian Governments Department of Trade and Development China Cluster Executive Committee Representative Qingdao and is Vice President of ACCCI (Australian Asian Chamber of Commerce& Industry) Conan recently won the 2010 Council for International Trade and Commerce (SA) CITCSA Awards Outstanding Long-Term Contribution award.

In 2010 Conan was made the Special Honorary Consultant of the CCOIC, Qingdao Chapter) (China Chamber of International Commerce) Australia Representative at the fourth session of members congress for a 5 year term.
This direct relationship with the CCPIT will be of great benefit to participants during the mission.

The Hon. Chris Schacht has visited China extensively as a Senior Labor Party official, Senator and as a Federal Government Minister.

He has also visited as the President of the Australian Volleyball Federation,  leader of Trade Delegations and as a guest of the Communist Party of China.

His regular visits have enabled him to build cohesive networks and contacts with pivotal people in business and government. He has a thorough  appreciation and understanding of how diplomatic and government trade arrangements operate between Australia and China.

Karyn Lanthois
P: 0433409781


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