Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Have you ever come across one of those ideas that seem so great that you wonder why no one has come up with it before, but you are glad someone finally did? Well, here is one of them. How about having the ability to find out the most useful and desired gift that your friend or love ones actually will love?

Gift giving is something that most of us like to do. However most of the time it’s hard to get it right. In addition, the pleasure and joy to give have waned. Not because we do not enjoy giving, but we haven’t been able to get pleasure from knowing that our presents will be useful and really loved by our friends.

Some shops have gift registries for weddings and baby showers, but what about those other times? We don't have them for Christmas, birthdays, graduations or just those times we want someone to know we're thinking about them.

The biggest puzzle is to find the sensible present for someone special to us, particularly when they seem to have everything. They usually respond politely to our best efforts, but it's hard to judge whether it really means something to them.

There's also the problem of duplication. Last Christmas, I was so pleased with myself. Walking through the store, I saw what I thought was going to be my mother's Christmas present. It was perfect for her. Well, it was so much the perfect present that my sister also bought one for her. Moreover, not only that, mum had already purchased the item for herself. Guess we need better communication.

Here is where WippyGift comes in to your help to find that special present for your friend or loved ones. WippyGift works as a Wish List registry. You create a blank gift list for someone and then invite them to add the gifts they would like to receive. You can even anonymously invite your friends, family or loved ones to create their Wish List, making giving more joyful and fun!

You can also use it for any occasion. Valentine's Day coming up? An anniversary or retirement party? And for Weddings, WippyGift is perfect! It doesn't matter.

WippyGift site does not sell anything directly, so your friend and loved ones can add the things they truly want. Once the list is complete, you and anyone else you've invited to view the Wish List, can select the gift you intend to give and mark it off, to avoid duplications.

It's a completely free revolutionary service that makes it easy to give someone what they really want. WippyGift puts the fun and pleasure back into giving presents.

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