Thursday, February 17th, 2011

X-Space 24 Feb 2011 7.00 - 8.30 pm

A panel of Aboriginal writers talk about contemporary issues their communities face. The theme is Talking Back. Aboriginal writers talking back to the dominant understandings of Aboriginal peoples and communities.

The panellists are Ali Cobby Eckermann, Lionel Fogarty, Jared Thomas and Fabienne Bayet Charlton.

Mandy Brown is Chairperson.

"Lionel Fogarty has been acclaimed as a strong and authentic voice emerging from a radical new generation of Australian Aboriginal writers. Deliberately using the creole language of the Murri Aboriginal people in preference to standard English, Fogarty's poems are gauntlets thrown down in front of the white reader, and powerful litanies for his own people".
Jacket Magazine

"Ali Cobby Eckermann has burst onto the literary scene as yet another rapidly ascending Indigenous literary star.  She took the recent poetry festival at Castlemaine by storm with her strong, compelling, hard-hitting and heartful poems."
Terry Whitebeach

Bob Adamson writes: ‘When I first heard Ali read these poems I wanted copies immediately so I could spread the word.'

"Where I come from and who I am influences just about everything that I do. And I can't see how people aren't influenced by their childhoods and by their cultural backgrounds and trying to find out who they are, where they fit. It influences my writing work and, basically, was the motivation to write my first novel, Finding Ullagundahi Island, and...just causes me to question... ..just about everything, because with a name like Fabienne, people just assume that I have just a purely European heritage. And my looks are not exactly...typical of an Indigenous person's. So I find myself constantly observing other people, and that informs my writing work."

- Fabienne Bayet-Charlton, Australia Network

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