Thursday, February 17th, 2011

While marketing a small to medium business can be challenging - especially in today's fast-moving, online dominated world - marketer and founder of the Sydney Small Business Centre, Amanda Falconer, makes it all very, very simple in a new 10 minute video and free report released today.

Falconer says that it's a very exciting time to be a small business owner.

"There’s definitely untapped potential for lots of small business owners," she says. "However, it's a mistake to think that some secret marketing formula is needed to tap into that potential - particularly online. What's actually needed is a combination of old world rules AND new tools."

Falconer outlines both in the video - Small Business Marketing Demystified.

The Marketing Blueprinting Manual is available free with the video. The Manual will help business owners accelerate the growth of their small to medium businesses.

The Manual is based on the knowledge that unless you're planning to fail in your business, then you really do need a marketing plan. The short and simple Marketing Blueprinting Manual shows you how to build one, and tells business owners:

  • Why marketing's like building a house
  • How a business could be just like a NASCAR
  • Why business owners really need to know the 3 Basic Beliefs
  • Why the 3 Marketing Mandatories are, well, mandatory
  • Why the 3 Brand Bits are crucial
  • Why it will all fall to pieces without a Promise Platform
  • Why it's just leaving money on the table not to have a Promotions System
  • As well as where to from there...

Business owners can both watch the video and get instant access to the Marketing Blueprinting Manual online.


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