Friday, February 18th, 2011
Camouflage is usually used to hide, but AFL Services, an Adelaide company that specialises in refurbishing Army vehicles and helping make them invisible to enemy radar, has achieved the opposite by camouflaging a street machine.

AFL Services was challenged by their flamboyant advertising and marketing supplier, MAD Australia Productions, to demonstrate publicly their skills in high end paint work, corrosion removal and camouflaging vehicles.

“When we decided to take up the challenge we knew it would be a bold publicity stunt,” confessed AFL Services spokesman, Adam Levi.

“We chose a little Hyundai Excel that required a lot of work to fix corrosion and dents so we could film the process as we worked on it. The results are absolutely mad because the paint job is worth many times the cost of the car, so it’s not economically feasible. But it looks amazing.”

However now the standard of work enjoyed by the Australian Army once AFL Services has worked its magic on both new vehicles and ones that have seen action in Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor is driving the streets of Adelaide for everyone to marvel at.

Likewise, the used Army vehicles are returned to new status once AFL Services has blasted the worn surfaces and renewed the coatings. But most of the AFL Services work was, until now, largely hidden from the general public.

To give the world a view of what they do, the company hijacked one of the little Hyundai Excel cars owned by Mad Australia. When the car was returned, the principals of MAD Australia Productions, Craig Douglas and Dale Ross, couldn’t believe their eyes!

“It’s fantastic,” says Craig, “before I never cared who drove the company cars but now, because this one looks so unbelievable, the only person I trust behind the wheel, is me.”

“The serious side of this fun gesture is to let the public know the quality of support our fighting forces can count on from businesses back home,” said Mr Levi.

To have a closer look at the car, call Dale Ross on (08) 8244 7880.

CAPTION: Craig Douglas (left) and Dale Ross alongside their "invisible" vehicle.

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