Friday, January 30th, 2009
Simon Huggett from Sydney has found a trick in his mind that has given him an idea to go it alone and wants Australians in a similar situation to do the same and break through fear and unemployment.

While sitting on the couch a little depressed over Christmas about his situation and the global negativity Mr. Huggett decided to do his bit and contribute to the Australian economy.

“I have always wanted to be a successful businessman so I created Peter Mack. I just saw what I wanted to do in my mind and took one step.

"Before I knew it I had business cards I was writing this press release and President Obama was speaking about ”it being the risk takers, the doers, the maker of things who have carried us up the path toward prosperity and freedom.”

Peter Mack is a simple entrepreneurial T shirt brand that has produced creativity and true Aussie spirit and is for those who are not afraid to step up and win.

Mr. Huggett challenges fellow financial crisis unemployed and entrepreneurs to keep taking steps to improve their current situation so we can fight this global downturn and produce new forward moving individuals and ideas so we can break through and produce bigger overall Australian success.

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Peter Mack

Peter Mack designs portray images of success and ambition and just a plain old giving it a go.
[email protected]
0435 061984

Simon Huggett
P: 0435061984
M: 0435 061984


Sydney, Australia, 2009: A brand new Sydney entrepreneur who lost his job one month before Christmas has attacked the financial crisis to live his dream.


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