Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

"Well, maybe not all out War, but Science is certainly declaring Knowledge and Understanding that the mechanics of the traditional golf swing is sub-optimum - there is a far easier method for greater distance and superior accuracy!"

Despite constant technological advances in golf equipment and honing of the traditional golf swing, the average male golf score has remained around 100 strokes per round over the last 70 odd years.

This is because consistent replication of a sound technique is fundamental to improved scoring.

Science now tells us that, regrettably, the traditional golf swing is far too complicated for the average player to consistently replicate – often making improved scoring an insurmountable challenge!

Fortunately, one of America’s Top 100 golf coaches, Professor Jack Kuykendall, has applied his scientific mind to developing an innovative and simplified swing to make consistent golf easier by addressing deficiencies in the traditional swing.

Professor Kuykendall is coming to Adelaide for an exclusive series of golf clinics and events from 21 to 28 March 2011 to provide demonstration and tuition of his simplified swing, called E2E.

These unique golf experiences are being hosted by Easy Swing PGA Professional Golf coach and Certified E2E instructor, Jon White.

“The E2E swing is revolutionising the way golf is played.” says Jon White. “It has been labelled ‘the simplest mechanics in the history of golf’ and is considered the first major change to the golf swing technique in over 100 years”.

“Make no mistake - this is not just some ‘quick fix’ gimmick, but rather a scientifically devised technique which will enable players to achieve much greater consistency in their game”.

“The E2E technique is great for men and women of all ages and abilities. Due to its low impact nature and grip, the E2E technique has proven to be fantastic for people with back problems and arthritis, the elderly and people with a disability. Jack himself is over 70 and can launch a ball straight and well over 230 metres down the fairway, while sitting on a stool - not that he needs one!”

“Our upcoming events represent a rare opportunity to learn about the E2E swing directly from a respected Top 100 US golf coach, who is a professor of maths and physics and is also a genius. Jack’s sessions will cover the physics, anatomy, neuroscience and kinesiology of how the human mind and body work and the implications for the golf swing.”

“Accompanying Jack from the US will be fellow Certified E2E instructor Krista McCormick, who has overcome some serious health difficulties in the last 3 years and now at 40 years of age she is looking to play the Tour using the E2E swing.” Read her inspirational story:

“The golf experiences promise to be fantastic events, which will be held at some of Adelaide’s most beautiful golf courses, including one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets – the Geoff Heath golf course at Campbelltown.”

“Only limited places are available for these exclusive golf events and demand is expected to be high.”

Jon White, Easy Swing PGA Professional Golf Coach
Mob: 0405 354 276
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Easy Swing

Easy Swing’s mission is to make golf easier, allowing more people to enjoy the experience of the great game.

Jon White is the director of the Adelaide based Easy Swing business, which he launched in 2006. Jon has been a PGA Member and golf coach for almost 20 years and is the only Certified E2E (Elbow to Elbow) instructor in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to professional golf coaching, Easy Swing also provides a range of other golf related services including deluxe golf tours and events which can be used for many purposes such as team building, networking, fund raising as well as employee reward, recognition and well being. Easy Swing also sells specialist golf clubs and training aids.

Easy Swing provides golf experiences and solutions to a broad spectrum of clients and business partners, including individuals, schools, businesses, clubs and associations.
Jon White
P: 0405 354 276


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