Friday, January 30th, 2009
Following the announcement last week that US-based Interprise Software Solutions, Inc., a leading developer of platform driven ERP/CRM business solutions for businesses, had signed an exclusive licensing agreement for ASPDotNetStorefront’s fully integrated ecommerce solution, “ASPDotNetStorefront for Interprise Suite”, Evolve Systems Australasia announces that it too will carry ASPDotNetStorefront for Interprise Suite as part of its product range.

The product will be added to the Interprise Suite product portfolio and marketed as “Interprise eCommerce”.

Evolve Systems Australasia is the exclusive distributor for Interprise Suite in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Pacific Islands.

Following last week’s announcement Mr Gary Harrison, President of Interprise Solutions, said: “All of us here at Interprise Solutions are excited about this development. ASPDotNetStorefront has been a great partner and created a wonderful product. We are proud to have it as part of our product line. This will greatly simplify the lives of our customers and resellers by having a single company that can develop, sell, and support the product.”

This exclusive agreement demonstrates Interprise Solutions’ commitment to the ecommerce space and strategically supports the company’s vision to be the leader in platform-driven ERP and CRM business software.

Floremee Charles, Managing Director of Evolve Systems Australasia, said: “Interprise eCommerce is an outstanding eBusiness system that dramatically boosts the power and functionality of Interprise Suite. For any business owner wanting to enter the e-commerce space or enhance their e-commerce capabilities, Interprise eCommerce is the ideal solution.”

Interprise Software’s flagship product, Interprise Suite, provides customers with a comprehensive view of their customers through fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, e-commerce and point-of-sale tools in a single, integrated solution.

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Sydney-based Evolve Systems Australasia is the exclusive distributor of Interprise Suite for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Pacific Islands. With 18 years’ experience in business application distribution, Evolve Systems Australasia provides solutions that are designed to help customers get the most out of their business software without incurring substantial expenses. Our corporate strategy focuses on the development of enduring client relationships and the provision of quality software solutions to Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their highest objectives and goals. For further information contact Evolve Systems Australasia on 1300 736 637; email [email protected]; Web:

About Interprise Software Solutions, Inc.

Interprise Software Solutions, Inc., a Taylor Corporation company, is a leading developer of scalable software solutions that help businesses of any size manage various business functions and the complete sales cycle from prospect to repeat customer. Its flagship product, Interprise Suite, offers business processes in a single location, from ERP and CRM to accounting and e-commerce/point-of-sale tools. Seamlessly integrated for various business needs, companies can access Interprise Suite from anywhere through its Smart Client technology.
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Interprise eCommerce Now Available In Australia and New Zealand


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