Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
A psychic who trained with the Australian police as an intuitive profiler may not be the first person you think of to run a parenting course, but Australian psychic profiler Julianna Suranyi will combine profiling and intuitive techniques she has used to identify and manage human behavior over the last 20 years to great effect in her new Proactive Parenting Course in Brisbane from March 2011.

After successfully teaching people for years how to use and build their intuition by helping them first profile themselves and working with child care centers and families to teach behavioral management techniques, Julianna has now created her Proactive Parenting Course due to demand, to help parents profile themselves and their children for better, calmer and stronger parenting.

A single mother herself, Julianna’s premise is that if, as a parent, you know your profile and the profiles of your children and partner (should you have one) you are able to operate your family at its optimum. Profiling is knowing how you think, absorb information and communicate – and once you know how you and the members of your family each do this, you can work to be consistent in your parenting for each of your children – practically working to your and their strengths and acknowledging your and their weaknesses along the way.

“This course helps you to identify how you and each of your children operate on a daily basis, so imagine how much easier parenting would be if you knew what they were thinking, how they were going to react and what they were going to say, even before they did, based on their neurology and how they and you are each hard-wired to view and interact with the world,” said Julianna.

Designed to help parents who disagree on parenting styles resulting in confusion for them and their children; parents who deal with behavioral issues and want to identify the root cause; parents who want to gain confidence in their parenting to help their children face challenges; and parents who are single or divorced and struggling to gain consistency in their parenting for everyone’s best outcome, the course runs for 1.5 hours every two weeks over a total of seven sessions, providing support, continual learning and implementation of Julianna’s techniques over 14 weeks (excluding school holidays).

There are three key things that differentiate this parenting workshop from others:
1. Parents bring video footage of their child/children at rest and play to the course for Julianna to specifically identify their profile so they know exactly how their child/children think, absorb information and communicate;
2. The solutions identified in the course are specific to each individual and family profile, rather than generic information and strategies that parents have to guess when to apply in what situation;
3. Julianna is open, honest and direct with her information and in helping parents to identify why and how they can make changes. As with everything she does, Julianna will work with parents on the basis of what they need to understand and know, rather than what they think they may want.

“Parents will walk away from this workshop with practical, usable tools to create new and improved behavioral responses within their family. It will also give them the ability to understand why they react emotionally to difficult situations – especially with children. Parenting is highly emotional and a lot of hard work and this workshop will help parents to develop sustainable emotional balance in any family situation - and for life in general,” she said.

Costing $385 per person if they have completed any other Julianna course or $500 per person if they have not worked with Julianna before (as it includes an additional 4hr clinic on specific profiling concepts), the Proactive Parenting Course starts at Julianna’s Ashgrove Studio on March 4, 2011 with bookings and further information at

Most recently appearing on Channel Ten’s ‘The Circle’, Julianna is regularly called upon to engage her unique skills to assist individuals, families and organizations to gain valuable insight into how people work, how to make positive changes in their lives to strengthen relationships and how to identify their next steps in life. Based in Brisbane, Julianna has a large following as a relationship and advice columnist for Brisbane lifestyle magazine BMag and contributes a monthly column in the national Insight Magazine, with a focus on guiding children/parent relationships.

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Professional Psychic and trained Intuitive Profiler Julianna Suranyi offers her unique combination of skills to people all over the world via One of Australia’s leading psychics and intuitive profilers, Julianna merges her ability to tell people what is happening and will happen in their lives with a profiling tool base and techniques for them to make positive changes in their behavior via her courses and psychic readings. Julianna’s high credibility delivers her a strong media presence with recent appearances on Australian television shows The Circle, Today and Mornings with Kerri-Anne, and many articles and features in publications including That’s Life, The Sunday Mail, The Courier-Mail, Brisbane News, City News and more. She also writes as a relationship and advice columnist with fortnightly lifestyle magazine Bmag and writes a monthly column for Insight Magazine – Australia’s leading spiritual and empowerment magazine.
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