Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
The member for Shellharbour, Lylea McMahon has asked the Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge about shared equity contracts that are being used by a park operator.

The Minister has written to the member for Shellharbour and has indicated that she has asked Fair Trading to review the contracts from a broad consumer protection perspective. To ensure an accurate assessment can be made Fair Trading is continuing to monitor the contracts. Visit http://www.arpra.org.au for further information.

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ARPRA is the Affiliated Residential Park Residents Association NSW Incorporated. The combined activities of all affiliates which are your local Park Residents Associations have affiliates from Tweed Heads to Shoalhaven with ARPRA being the state body.

Each affiliate contributes to the cost of running ARPRA by way of a membership fee. Each affiliate sets their own fee with a portion of that fee funding the state body. ARPRA is the combined activities of all affiliates.


ARPRA executives are voluntary and spend a lot of time lobbying various government departments on behalf of its members. They lobby Government for a review of the Residential Parks Act. The outcome of this lobbying and the input of submissions permit the government to introduce changes that they deem to be of significance.

We will also: * represent you at tribunal hearings when the need arises.

* negotiate on your behalf during excessive rent disputes.

* have access to local and state government agencies.

* help you know your rights.
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