Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

With home prices soaring, residential rental properties continue to make for a great investment. However, as cost of owning rises as well, an efficiently managed property becomes increasingly important. So how do you select a property manager who can help you maximize your investment?

Cameron Deal from leading Melbourne real estate agency – infolio corp gives his top 6 qualities to look for when choosing a property manager

1. Communication is key
Property managers liaise with a range of clients from landlords, investors, owner-occupiers and tenants. Being able to build and improve relationships to get the best outcome for their clients is essential. The ability to express knowledge about a client’s obligations and what is expected creates a level playing field for you and the property manager.

2. Relationship building
To find the right property for the client, property managers need to have an accurate understanding of the client. Knowing what the client needs, the desired location, transport needs and financial situation all helps in finding the right property.

3. Expertise
Certification and experience provide a base for grounding and trust. It assures you, you are being delivered exceptional service. Knowledge of the local market and understanding of the value and potential of property ensures new opportunities are not missed. Asking the right questions can help you to unearth a good property manager.
For example:
• The level of dedication to the property management department
• The number of years the property manager been working in the industry
• Find out how many properties they look after
• Availability for inspections to suit prospective tenants
• Ensure tenant rental history and rental collections is electronic and up-to-date
• Find out if the property manager will to go court to protect your rights and their success rate

4. Honest, ethical and genuine
Property managers possess a level of responsibility to their client. Investment property managers collect rent and security deposits for their client. Trustworthiness is key.

5. Organised
Organisational skills of a property manager improve the overall management of your property. The regular update of information is imperative to the smooth management of your investment, especially in the leasing process.

6. Passion and drive
Having passionate professionals working on your behalf, ensures you receive the best end-to-end service. Property managers should consult with their client to add value and improve rental to their property.

Finding a property manager who suits your needs is essential. Integrity, experience with a passion to endeavor to provide exceptional service is premium. Property management is not only about managing property; it is also about working with people. The depth and trust of the relationship between you and your property manager is the most key factor. Find a property manager who you can get along with on a personal and professional level, ensures the best outcomes for you both!

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infolio corp

infolio are buyer advocates and specialists in the Melbourne property market and offer a one-stop solution for property investors and clients seeking a professional and independent advisory service for when they enter the real estate market to purchase, sell or lease a residential property in Melbourne.

infolio has unsurpassed knowledge of the local market. The infolio team has their collective finger on the pulse, identifying emerging suburbs, and presenting clients with properties not yet advertised to the wider market.

Cameron Deal has 14 years working as a real estate agent in the Melbourne market, and gained further industry depth by working as a building surveyor for five years. His knowledge of property from the foundations up provides an intimate understanding of the value and potential of property. Cameron has been an advocate in as many buying deals and has a philosophy, which is outcomes driven and client-focused, an approach which is central to the infolio business.

For more information on infolio and our team of experienced property managers, visit: http://www.infolio.com.au or to read the infolio blog visit: http://www.infolio.com.au/blog/

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