Sunday, December 26th, 2010
According to the web site,, set up by Nadir Dalati, the aim is to increase tourism, further promote the country and make enough profit to donate HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to an Australian Charity, as selected by the Australian public via an online vote which is to take place upon completion of all Pixel sales.

The question is, can it be done?... well, only time will tell. All we do know is the site, although has only been operating for 5 days , 7 has already had over 15000 hits and almost 8000 pixels sold.
The site is made up of 4 grids with each on a different page and categorised. The interesting thing is, there is also one grid called 'just for fun', where people are able to even advertise themselves!
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I honestly think Australia is not recognised enough for all its natural beauty and all that it has to offer. This web site is how I aim to do my part, as one person, to further promote my country world wide. My long term objective is to see this site actually make a difference via increased tourism to this wonderful country while simplifying the process of booking accomodation and activities or anything else which may come to mind.
The site is designed be a one stop shop for tourists, locals or anyone world wide wanting to explore the country or just know what it has to offer. The aim is have each advertiser report a significant increase in hits and visitors to their site.
I have decided that once each and every pixel on this web site has been sold, I will be donating HALF A MILLION DOLLARS out of the profits made to an Australian Charity. This is my way of giving back to my country.

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