Thursday, January 29th, 2009
Brisbane-based entrepreneurs Dan Abbink and Nat Liebke have set their sights on capturing a slice of the growing billion-dollar sports betting market with the launch of their new online sports betting odds comparison site

The free-to-use odds comparison site allows sports betting enthusiasts to select the best odds possible for a large range of sporting events, and compares odds from over 25 of the largest sports books available including Betfair, William Hill, Paddy Power and from Australian sports books such as IAS Bet, Sportsbet and Centrebet.

“Australians love sports – some of the best sporting events in the world are played right here in Australia – so it simply makes sense for Australian companies to participate in this sports betting market and to do it well,” says Mr Abbink,’s chief executive.

“It is not uncommon to find odds 20% higher than the average on our site, and often with outsiders the difference can be 100% or more. For example the odds for Melbourne Storm winning the NRL title this season ranges from $4.50 to 1 up to $5.70 to 1.”

“We have created a place where sports punters can go, not only to check out the best odds but also to stay and chat to other like-minded enthusiasts on the Punter’s Forum.”

The Punters Forum allows members to post their sporting and betting views on an open discussion board, divided into sporting and match up groups. Membership to the forum, like the rest of the site, is free.

Mr Abbink is genuinely passionate about the business and its future. “It is an exciting time for us. The website has really taken off, so I’m happy to report that a couple of Aussies from Brisbane are successfully forging ahead in this competitive international industry and taking on the big guys. Watch this space”.

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Contact Profile is a Brisbane based sports company that runs an online odds comparison site. The company was formed in 2007 and has forged relationships with over 20 sports book from both here in Australia and abroad.
Dan Abbink
P: 0409992612


Australian company set for international success with odds comparison site.


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