Sunday, February 13th, 2011

The MaccyArto Exhibition opens on Saturday 19th Feb at 2pm at Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. The event will be opened by Corinna Steeb, a dynamic member of the community who loves and buys ART and supports its role in society.

Listen to poetry delivered by an Australian bushman riding into town. Sample local wines, and linger at the Melting Pot Cafe Gallery and the Macclesfield Barn to view or buy the art pieces on display. Finish the day with an evening of music and entertainment at Macclesfield's famous Davenport Square as the 'Summer of Love music event' unfolds.

The 2011 theme is “HANG OUT” with a hang out lounge in the Institute and other cool places. You will find decorated and artistic coat hangers everywhere in Macclesfield to carry this ‘iconic’ device’s theme through the exhibition.

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MAccyArto represents a group of artists that live and work in and around Macclesfield in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Inspired by the landscape and the energy of this wonderful place, the artists exhibit their work at selected outlets and paticipate in exhibitions, the SALA and Fringe festivals.
Karin Foxwell
P: +6183889209
M: 0418832748


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