Thursday, February 10th, 2011
Today, peak Australian electrical industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), said it is frustrated that the Australia Government denied another opportunity to inform people affected by the failed Home Insulation Program (HIP) about the true size of the problem.

The Australian Parliament today rejected a motion that would have paved the way for the safety inspection results to be made public.

NECA chief executive officer, Mr James Tinslay, said the peak body that represents over 5000 electrical contractors across Australia still had safety concerns relating to potential dangers in ceiling spaces and the affect this has on electricians, other tradesman and residents in homes that received the insulation.

“NECA was the first organisation to warn the government in March 2009 about the risks associated with the failed program and it is disappointing that nearly two years later the government still has not told the people that have to live or work in one of the 1.1 million homes that received insulation about the likelihood of safety risks,” Mr Tinslay said.

“It is disappointing that the Australian Government today has denied another opportunity to release this information.”

“The results of the safety inspection are important so the electrical industry, other trades and residents can plan to ensure appropriate steps are taken in the future to avoid the potential risks if the percentage of dangerous or faulty insulation installations was found to be high.”

NECA assisted in writing the procedures for the safe removal and rectification of foil-insulation and is encouraged that according to government reporting that 97% of the foil-insulation inspections have been completed.

However, it has also been reported by the government that as at 30 January 2011, only 100,000 non-foil insulation installations have been inspected.

“NECA understands that over 1.1 million homes received insulation so it is clear that many of these have not yet had an inspection. No one can confidently have peace of mind when entering a ceiling or about hidden fire or electrical risks when they are continually kept in the dark about the percentage of installations found to be dangerous,” Mr Tinslay said.

“Until the full results of the safety inspections are released, the uncertainty of what lurks in our ceilings could go on for years.”

Any one that is concerned about their insulation installation should call the Safety Hotline on 13 17 92 to arrange an inspection.


NECA CEO Mr James Tinslay is available for interviews.

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