Thursday, February 10th, 2011
Launched 12 months ago the MediaScope Advertising Directory has grown into Australia’s most comprehensive online resource of niche, alternative and emerging media options with over 2,000 listings. It is gaining increasing attention from agencies, direct marketers and sme’s who are looking for a dedicated and easy solution to navigate the ever changing media landscape and find new channels to reach and involve their audiences.

Founder of MediaScope is long term advertising professional, Denise Shrivell. Her vision of providing a solution to address the ongoing disconnect between advertising buyers and sellers, particularly at the deepening long tail end of the market, is gaining traction. ‘We aim to offer smart buyers and marketers advertising options beyond the usual suspects. It is truly unbelievable how much media is out there once you scratch below the mainstream surface. MediaScope makes it easy for buyers to find these opportunities in an easy to use central resource’.

MediaScope is also realising extensions to its core directory service. ‘Agencies and marketers are starting to tap into the knowledge I have developed into our broadening media landscape. More and more I am asked to directly recommend candidate media options, particularly for deep niche markets’.

Moving forward, MediaScope will continue to bring choice to advertisers by populating it’s directory with relevant and new media options as well as evolving it’s online platform based on ongoing and changing market needs.


For Further Information please contact Denise Shrivell - [email protected] or Phone: 0424 100325

Source: MediaScope

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MediaScope Advertising Directory

The MediaScope Advertising Directory is Australia's most comprehensive and dedicated online resource of niche, alternative and emerging media options. With over 2,000 directory listings we offer a unique and easy to use planning tool for advertisers.
Denise Shrivell
P: 0424 100325


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