Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Share the love, man.

Brisbane, Thursday 10 February 2011

Accessory Heaven launched today, just in time for those men who are a little behind with their Valentine’s Day plans.

The new women’s accessories website has come online with a range of creative, unique and designer women’s accessories to tantalise the fashion taste of women and to get men out of the dog-house.

Website founder and self-confessed accessorizer, Noelle Towler, said that there are many men out there who just don’t have a clue when it comes to quality accessories for their partners.

“Despite their best intentions, many men just can’t tell the difference between high quality designer accessories and the cheap, mass-produced imitation jewellery and handbags that are currently lining the online-shelves,” Noelle said.

“It’s especially hard for a man to tell the difference when he’s shopping online.

“Shopping online for gifts for their ladies is becoming a growing trend for men. Often, they just can’t bear the thought of walking into another woman’s accessories store full of pretty smells, overly bright lighting and shelf-upon-shelf of colourful products assaulting their senses.”

So Accessory Heaven offers only the highest quality, unique and designer accessories to guide men in making the right choices of jewellery, handbags and purses as gifts for their valentine.

“Men should know that women are creative creatures - we love something unique and different that can help us stand out from the crowd while we hold onto our sophistication and style.

And we can tell the difference between the good stuff and the cheap stuff.”

Accessory Heaven has scoured the world to seek out the most unique and creative women’s accessories from local and international designers and bring them all to one place online.

The store’s range includes:

  • Accessories – fascinators, belts, journals, wedding accessories
  • Jewellery – necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets, pendants, rings
  • Handbags – handbags, purses and wallets, travel bags and wallets, handbag accessories

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For more information contact:
Noelle Towler
Accessory Heaven
0403 645 852
[email protected]


Contact Profile

Accessory Heaven

Accessory Heaven launched in early 2011 after we realised there was a lack of something very important online: great, simple and easy-to-use websites selling high quality and designer jewellery, handbags and accessories to women with great taste.

We take a lot of pride in selecting really good products because we believe that’s what our customers deserve.

When we scour the world for products, essentially we’re shopping for you. So we try to keep that in mind every time we decide on new ranges, products and suppliers. You deserve only the best.

Our products are for the woman who is unique and creative, who wants to express her personality by the things she carries and wears, who doesn’t want to be just another flower on the wallpaper, who is vibrant and bold, who is sophisticated and modern.

Our products are for the woman who stands out from the crowd. We love her, she inspires us. So we thought we’d do what we can to help her be that bold, vibrant, creative and individual woman.
Noelle Towler
P: 0403645852
M: 0403645852


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