Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Australian author Jeff Rogers has signed with major book publisher Zeus Publications for the upcoming release of his heroic fantasy trilogy Wizard Warrior.

The book has been a dozen years in the making and is in circulation with top movie producers and studio heads in Australia and the USA.

“Have you ever wondered whether or not ‘middle earth’ actually exists? Perhaps you believe it does. Where exactly is middle earth? Well, legend has it that it is actually an imaginary place where elves, dwarves, demons and giants live with humans and dragons – children and grownups believe that middle earth is a real place. And who can argue with that?” Jeff says.

Wizard Warrior is adventure/fantasy at its best and follows the adventures and misadventures of Fundem Tarralion and Iscandar, his magic sword.

Trapped by sorcery he had been given the ultimate penalty of imprisonment beneath miles of unmapped rock. His body had been sustained and held in a type of limbo by the sorcery. Fundem had been a champion, a prince of the realm. He had led glittering hosts to the darkest realms and had prevailed. He had dueled with demons and giants. None had prevailed against Fundem either by sword of spell. Would he prevail again?

The book takes the reader on a whirlwind of exciting clashes and the fight to free their lands from evil. This quote from the book says it all - 'Fundem fell quiet and his friends suddenly saw all the years and burdens that sat upon his shoulders. They asked no more questions and reflected upon the momentous events stretching back into the far distant past. To Aldrick, Fundem seemed an ancient historical book come to life. In fact since meeting Fundem he had felt his reality fading into the stuff of legend, as if he was being written into a book and was merely a bystander. Aldrick shivered at what was to come. He hoped he had strength enough to last the journey'.

From priceless treasures to fire breathing dragons and magic spells, this story has it all. And all the time, we will wonder what exactly is going on at the bottom of our gardens. Middle Earth rules!

Advance review copies are available on request.

Please contact publicist Lisa Fletcher if you are a book critic interested in reading Wizard Warrior and potentially providing a comment.

Call Lisa Fletcher - 0401 385 887 or email [email protected]

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Wizard Warrior

Jeff Rogers is 42 years old and lives at Paradise Waters, Gold Coast, Australia. He was born in Melbourne, Australia and started writing this novel whilst living in France, near Versailles, at the age of 12. This story has travelled with him throughout school, then university and onto a successful career as a chartered accountant and co-founder of the web based accounting software company B-free. Writing has always been Jeff’s first passion and he is working on book two of this series.
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