Thursday, February 10th, 2011
If you ever go to the movies or watch TV you would've heard of STAR TREK. Now meet TIME TREK, a free movie I made using my computer's Windows Movie Maker.

First, it takes FUTURE SCIENCE from the free ebook that's the subject of my previous release ( It then combines this with PURE ENTERTAINMENT and a GOOD STORY.

A mini-synopsis is "After spending his high-school years trying but failing to fit in, Jesse invents the world's first time machine and becomes Jesus Christ before resuming his original identity and creating the universe, as well as leaving a short message about fixing our global financial crisis." (the GFC is not referred to in the short version)

You can read the synopsis giving you more info regarding what it's about then watch either a 28-minute version or a 73-minute version (or both) at

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